Timepiece to simply tell time , and Chronograph stopwatch, count-down timer, and alarm. Batteries need to be replaced frequently. All times are GMT I’ve heard some phones have real GPS so that would work but not all do. Extreme drops may be in the range of 2, vertical feet per minute. Another big issue is that Avocet “recommends” that the battery be replaced by Avocet certified service centers, making it a long and potentially painful process just to get a new battery.

Battery last a maximum of 14 days, or only 1 or 2 days if GPS is active. Waterproof – preferably at least to a depth of meters feet or 20 Atmospheres. Changing the mode from altimeter to compass or to time will stop the altimeter recording, just like on Casio watches. You may also want a new case body if your lens is excessively scratched. The Vector also has a digital compass complete with a bubble in the upper right portion of the face to level it. No ski features in any G-shock models, other than a slow altimeter that measures altitude at only 2 minute intervals. Since you are pushing straight down on the button, there really is no way to increase your leverage and the button is pretty difficult too completely compress.

The main button in the middle of the face is a little misleading. A digital display is needed to show all the numeric data. Plus the alarm works well if you keep it near you it’s not crazy loud. Most watches aren’t waterproof enough, and those that are will become useless when the battery dies after a year or two. Pro-Trek watches formerly known as Pathfinder watches are all water resistant to meters. March 7th, 2. Casio is the only watch manufacturer offering solar power in most of their watches.

The Vertech automatically counts runs skied. Unfortunately, it’s battery lasted only 2 years, and I had to mail the watch to a service center for battery replacement. I’d rather have a watch on my wrist, then having to pullout my phone and swipe the screen every time I want information Accurate weather and altitude measurements.

We rate them here by simply adding up the features from the list of 10 above. The vertical descent over a timed interval can also be recorded. The Vertech also includes a thermometer and a barometric trend display.


The function and option buttons at the base of the Vertech are contoured and positioned for easy operation while you are wearing ski gloves. The time now is Digital display – the only way to accurately display altitude, number of runs, and other data. The watch tries to give you the correct altitude, but the reading was never very accurate, being about feet off at the closest to close to a feet off at the worst.

Highgear is not making watches any more. Along with all of the features listed above it has a digital compass, advanced barometric pressure functions, and an advanced altitude logbook for those all important bragging rights. Altimeter to tell altitude, number of runs, total vertical skied and Barometer air pressure, weather. Calibrating the altitude is easy, as long as you know your current altitude.

While this isn’t the most accurate of altimeters, it benefits the outdoor enthusiast in several ways, most notably being the ability to track weather changes. It will resist a bit of rain and snow, but don’t go swimming with it. G-Shock watches are almost all resistant to meters.

Avocet Vertech Altimeter

The serial number on the back of the Vertech is keyed to the manufacture date. Takes altitude measurements once every 5 minutes, worse than Casio watches. It’s all digital, and screen visibility isn’t always good.

The Freestyle Altimeter was as accurate if not more, and exhibits a bit of a non-conformist attitude by doing things their own way. Solar powered, recharged by any light source, works for 6 months in total darkness. By the way, we count altimeter and barometer as one in the scoring below, since they both rely on the same sensor: Initially I thought the light didn’t work, but it turns out I wasn’t pushing hard enough.

After two years use, the Vertech is ready for factory service that will ensure its precision. Good deals can be found also. Some older watches have altimeters that can tell you the altitude, but do waych provide cumulative totals or the number of runs. Also included is a system analysis and a test for water resistance that ensures the integrity of all five o-ring seals in the instrument to a depth of ten feet.


Shock-resistant, mud resistant, water resistant to meters. Other watch makers should learn about ski functions from this vegtech.

Make payment by Visa or Mastercard. And the Suunto looks OK when not skiing. Write to the manufacturers and let them know that millions of skiers are just waiting for a watch with all of these features. Water resistant to only 30 meters the worst of the bunch.

However, that isn’t the source of my frustration. Altimeter relies exclusively on GPS, not air pressure. Measurement interval of once every 2 minutes is too slow. The watch has a streamlined profile and the large Function and Options buttons make it easy to operate, even with gloves on.

Ski watches for skiing and snowboarding

I don’t think I ever got the light to come on before the second or third attempt. Use it year round for elevation, vert count and laps. Tissot T-Touch Solar Score: The Vertech II operates in temperatures ranging from degrees F and altitudes from feet to over 30, feet.

The ease of use, large print on the screens and loads of options make it the frontrunner in the review.

Avocet Vertech II Score: But it is altimeterr meant to be worn on your wrist as an everyday watch, it is not very water-proof. Some Casio and Suunto watches and the Tissot T-Touch come close to perfection, but each misses some important feature. Manufacturer’s Links and Addresses Gear Lists. March 3rd, 1. Timepiece to simply tell timeand Chronograph stopwatch, count-down timer, and alarm.

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