Designed by owners and architects Alvaro Ramirez and Clarisa Elton, the little cabin features a bedroom with en-suite bathroom, a kitchen, living room and a terrace all looking at the breathtaking panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. Some of them have been featured in magazines. Fashion designer Tom Ford acquired the property in , and officially changed the name to Cerro Pelon Ranch. Private land includes 21, acres, and 5, acres are leased from the government. Made famous by Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings and home to Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu has some of the most amazing rock formations in the southwest. It just grew from that into a big budget movie and the Silverado set was built”, Cook recalled. Place in New Mexico, United States.

Retrieved January 4, Ranches in New Mexico Film location shooting. Silverado is a movie full of serious situations played in a sometimes not-so-serious manner. Thank you for Reading! At the heart of the ranch is Cerro Pelon, a butte known locally as the Galisteo Wave. It just grew from that into a big budget movie and the Silverado set was built”, Cook recalled. Fashion designer Tom Ford acquired the property in , and officially changed the name to Cerro Pelon Ranch. Try a search for free!

The property also has the cachet of a Japanese architect who favored modern lines, concrete walls and bold geometry. Local real estate agents said, however, that selling the property might not be so easy. Archived from the original on Contact Anne Constable at or aconstable sfnewmexican.

The ranch, which includes 16, deeded acres and 4, leased acres, is home to grass-fed cattle and horses, but most of the income comes from the film activities there.

Remember not to circle overhead too much when they’re filming – the parking lot full of semis is a good clue that the set is in use. Originally, the ranch provided Western town sets first built for the movie Silveradobut the demand for shooting elsewhere on the ranch expanded over the years.


Santa Fe Lodging Filming Info: Their ranch became the largest set of its kind in the cefro. It is distinguished by lush savanna grasslands, mvie topography and a rich cultural history. We hope that you rnch to enjoy our free content.


For searches by specific state, city, category, sub-category, or style, please use the advanced search options. Place in New Mexico, United States. Induring the filming of 3: It looks like an actual town when viewed from afar. Needless to say no playing The land is very fragile and there is a need of grass for the cattle, so, unlike the Cooks, ramch owners try to only lease the Western town set itself, and are very careful about leasing other open land locations on the ranch. The i-sopod floatation tank, is the purest form of relaxation, it was designed to transport you to a world of absolute calm and tranquility.

Retrieved January 4, Don Pope metamorphosed from a cattleman-farmer, reluctant to deal with Hollywood, to a production-savvy ranch manager who could grade roads, wrangle livestock, and pull stuck generators out of the mud when called on to do so.

Email, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media tools. Log In Purchase a Subscription. It was known until as the Cook Movie Ranch.

Although the ranch had appeared in a few movie scenes as early asit “became a very important movie location in when a western town was built as the primary setting for Lawrence Kasdan ‘s Silverado “.

The present settlement is located along the Galisteo Creek in the Galisteo Basin. The Cooks relied on ranch residents, Don and Trixie Pope, to work with the many film productions.

To me, this is a classic. Retrieved from ” https: All data, information, and maps are provided “as is” without warranty or any representation of accuracy, timeliness or completeness.

Contrasting the old-fashioned appearance of these sets, the property is also noted for ultramodern houses and facilities built there after its purchase in by fashion designer Tom Ford.

Videos Sorry, there are no recent results for popular videos. The property also houses an original movie set called Silverado Movie Town that looks like something out of an old western, and where several famous movies were shot.


But Bobolsky declined to comment on the private sale. Visit the wild west! Precision Approach LLC is your source for aircraft management, professional pilot services, and advanced flight training. His brother and co-writerMark Kasdan, also had a small role as a doctor that was filmed, but ended up on the cutting room floor. Designed by architect Tadao Ando, the rare and significant property is located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has approximately 20, acres, making it one of the largest properties in Santa Fe County.

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Just beyond our southwest practice area lies this beautiful national monument. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This small community is one of ranches cerro houses in a rural New Mexico setting. The trip is very short and the terrain is easy to cross. At the heart of the ranch is Cerro Pelon, a butte known locally as the Galisteo Wave.

Cook Movie Ranch was owned by Bill and Marian Cook, who got their start in providing locations for the film industry in It was previously owned by Bill and Marian Cook, who began making it available as a film location in At that time, sets constructed for 3: The Popes raised cattle on the ranch for years before getting involved with the filming activity. I guess they admired my horse. Views Read Edit View history.

It is about a 15 mile flight to the Galisteo basin. The film set originally constructed on the property for Silverado has been expanded and revised for each succeeding production. That seven-bedroom house on 3.

Sometimes there are multiple bidders, sometimes it takes a while. About Galisteo, New Mexico: