Maybe he was thinking of Kemco. Then I might consider getting the FC version. I’ve actually been watching them off and on all day. This has finally arrived in the form of segment covering video games from Xevious, Lode Runner, Excitebike Episode 3: It’s stuff like this that sometimes warrants double-posting.

I’m really enjoying this so far. Yeh famicom carts are pretty small, almost the exact same size as cassette tapes. Wait until you get past the SMB episode Ep. And with hesitation, I’ll reveal that it is sort of a “special” episode. S said he didn’t like unfortunately. It’s probably ok to watch NES game footage at 30fps. Oct 3, 1, 0

Pro-Am, Golgo 13 Episode Thanks, subbing for sure. Episode 52 is finally up? At the rate of one a month or every six weeks, there are still a few years to go. Roto13 Member Nov 25, The Jenny game is a fine example of Kusoge.

Chrontendo Thread of Playing all the Famicom & NES has to offer, even Super Monkey Daibōken

Thread starter Worthintendo Start date Oct 31, Getsufuu Maden, Woody Poco Epislde The NES will need to be region modded though, but that’s easy. Anybody read his twitters and know what he is up to? And with hesitation, I’ll reveal that it is sort of a “special” episode.


The direct download link from Archive. Secondly, Cnrontendo 16 documents a very dark day for the Famicom, namely, March 27, Nice job on the OP!

Chrontendo Thread of playing The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the Famicom/NES

Apr 8, 1 0. Oct 25, NES kinda collector here, and I’ve also never heard of this until.

The blog was not updated for some reason. I hope we get Chronsega 8 soon. Kyukyoku no Menu 3bon Syoubu Perfect Bowling. Law of the West Yet another port of a US computer title, this time of Accolade’s fondly remembered dialog based adventure game. Jul 7, 16, 0 1, After that game came out, more games tried to be as ambitious as SMB and therefore more interesting and deeper.

Reminds me of the old ep of Retronauts where they would have a video game history lesson. I just thought it is worth mentioning that an earlier NES game, Banana, actually did something vaguely similar to what Otocky did. Since he started doing the 60 fps versions I’ve been downloading the mkv files.


May 26, 0 0. The delay was so epic, it had to be subdivided into a trilogy of delays: Episode 46 of Chrontendo is up on YouTube, I’ll update the main post with the archive.

Oct 29, You must log in or register to reply here. The post I made about Chrontendo has no insides.

Chrontendo Thread of playing The Good, The Bad, The Ugly of the Famicom/NES | NeoGAF

Personally I don’t mind because the games are so old anyway, but I could see why people would have a problem with it. Actually, it is not. And yeah really long. Been watching this for a while now. The whole thing is about 27GB in size.

Sounds fascinating, watching the first episode, will post again with my thoughts afterwards.