And do read The Quiet American if you’ve not yet done so. Per essere veramente umano, tu devi bere il tuo calice fino in fondo. I don’t buy that such a distant guy would have “fallen in love” due to pity. Greene was one of the major figures of his day in British literature, “canonized” in the earlier part of the century by a critical establishment that wasn’t yet so intolerant of his popularity with ordinary readers and of his Roman Catholic affiliation as it would become in the later decades. As Helen exclaims in despair of Scobie’s inability to chose between his wife and his mistress: He felt almost intolerably lonely.

Qui nessuno avrebbe mai potuto parlare di un paradiso in terra: In the end, Scobie must face his demons alone, neither women nor church nor career being proper substitutes for the huge empty spaces inside Scobie’s soul: I expect that I stopped reading this quickly, when I sensed that, for me, Wood was approaching spoiler territory view spoiler [usually I do read all material that comes before the narrative first hide spoiler ]. Essentially, Greene has Scobie become involved in an affair with a shipwrecked widow named Helen, who has absolutely no one. Greene’s depiction of love is not a glorified one; rather, it is an accurate one. But, like I mentioned before, he doesn’t live in a perfect world, and his depression has roots that are part inherent human nature and part the crazy times and wild places he finds himself thrown in. View all 9 comments.

I hate the beginning the middle and the end. I think of myself as an agnostic now, though I sometimes do pray, just in case, I say jokingly. The vileness of the hierarchy was so clear to me, I couldn’t imagine why anyone would read it and not sonoa christianity on the spot.

I don’t buy that such a distant guy would have “fallen in love” due to pity.

The central crisis, cokonna horrible dilemma he contrives for his man Scobie to find himself in, is religious. A reason, I think, was that I didn’t enjoy reading him whenever I picked him up, in other words, my motive was not powerful enough to push me forward, no one pulling me; however, this was my case and I hope to read him more because I’ve seen something glimmering after reading for some information, ideas, inspirations, etc.


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This is true tragedy: But I have to make my own call, and I’m not able to be that positive. There are discussions of points of Catholic theology with priests, the protagonist’s wife sonorx mistress, and religious discussions at cocktail parties as well as the debates that go on in the police chief’s mind.

E dovrebbe essere proibito per legge l’esprimere giudizio sull’altrui agire. There is something rotten in his rationing chain, something that will drive him deeper and deeper into a spider’s web of lies, deceit and betrayals view spoiler [ culminating in the assassination of his trusted coloured personal servant hide spoiler ].

Bgideshead 23, J.

I actually read- no joke- about 20 pages of the last act of the thing aloud in a superpompous British accent in order to laugh I read this- the bulk of this- in one sitting. The Church knows all the rules. May 03, Alex rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: He grows to dread spending time with either one. He may be honest in his prayers and in his dreams, but he is definitely a sinner in his actions.

The Heart of the Matter

My favorite from The Heart of the Matter: So not a huge fan of this one, but definitely a fan of Greene generally and looking forward to plowing through more of his prolific oeuvre.

And in that function, it is incredibly thorough, and makes sure to search into every area of his soul, several times over.

What an absurd thing it was to expect happiness in a world so full of misery. And that word is He knows she has suffered deeply; he pities her and wants to take responsibility for her, and out of his own anguish and what might just be love, he begins an affair with her.

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Sep 16, David Schaafsma rated it it was amazing Shelves: However, when he gets passed up cilonna a promotion to the top police job, it puts stress on his marriage to Louise.

That will be revealed by Greene in his own good time. Inside that massive frame the human being rattled in the corridors like a dry kernel. In brief, those keen Greene readers should not miss this fantastic novel famously acclaimed by the Modern Library in as the 40th novel on its list of best English-language novels in the 20th century. Rumors are flying that he was passed over for sleeping with native women or taking bribes from Yusef, the local smuggling kingpin.


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I hated that Louise and Helen weren’t women, weren’t people, but were mere representations of his moral dilemmas, one dimensional harpies who enacted him scenes, had emotional fits, and generally made his life a living hell.

Grasping, shallow, bitter, angry, small, but with amazing flashes of insight that awe men!. He has Scobie motivated riyorno pity for her, has him express that it is brideshea weak, the ugly who demand his allegiance, not the beautiful and the intelligent.

Circondato da figure che sono veri personaggi e che Greene descrive con tocchi concisi ed esperti aggiungendo elementi alla trama, arricchendo cooonna scenario: Love and how it is expressed is central for other characters as well.

I just hate the whole sordid interlude. Well, I hate this book.

Desperately, he tries to solve his seemingly lingering ethical-related problems but in vain so he finally takes his life, it is too sad to read this part in which, I think, the author has done his best till we nearly know nothing on such a horrible decision.

Wilson sat on the balcony of the Bedford Hotel with his bald pink knees thrust against the ironwork … ‘He certainly loved no one else,” she said. Como bien dice Fernando Sabater, las religiones son como el vino: But the Africa that’s evoked is a bleak and prosaic one, focused on the brideshea urban world of the colonba British.