Julia Fitri August 6, at 5: Going after the murderer, comforting Hyeon, indirectly confronting LJH, uncovering her father’s grave, with all of the sorrow and anger that followed, JiAn’s character was truly tested and performed admirably throughout. What is left is singing amen non stop to all of your beautiful praises for this gem. If this is true then Hyun and Min would be together in prison or in a mental asylum. The latest national and international news stories, followed by regional news and Weather. I can see your point.

Where the Heart Is A pregnant teenager turns her life around with the help of some eccentric locals. Thankfully Hyun finds them, and distracts Yong-woo. He discusses the crime, how it was solved and the effects that are still evident today. And the person that can make change in him is only his hyung. Last Choir Standing — Episode 6 The judges decide which of the choirs deserve the one place in the knockout shows. That was a good recap.

When we first meet Chinesa, she is a shy, awkward bookworm living a half-life in Springfield MO. The three finalists cook along the Mozambique border and prepare a meal for top chefs. Indebted Friend objects very strongly, because he recognizes Lawyer Jung as one of the possible murder suspects he was investigating. Panorama — Friends in High Places Panorama investigates the government’s support for a third runway eposode Heathrow.

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Because life, gosh even funerals are funny rather than the packaged uber intense melodrama. In the first place, there should not have been the label, ‘monster’ that a person might live up to or would have had a hard time to avoid. With shows originating from home base in New York City, I will entertain, inform, shock, outrage and occasionally scandalize. A woman falls in love with a rancher with a reputation for healing traumatised animals.


No one knows it but Min.

Suddenly, I have a slight interest on the third Reply’s installments after burned out by Is revenge ever justified? The bromance is both weird and lovely. Now I’m shipping their off-screen bromance too Miranda August 5, dramapwssion 9: I love the show’s message that there is evil and good in everyone.

Documentary series following the drama of Britain’s air support operation. Kaitlyn Sawrey is our senior producer. A US high school graduate travels around Europe to find his attractive German pen pal. Thank you for your recap.

I’m glad that we are focusing on the people now and I hope that we do get to see even dramapzssion able to change, become better, experience healing and even be happy.

Episode – One Take Bo. Lee Tae Hwan Supporting Cast. He tries escaping in a unique disguise. SIG as cameo in reply ? I am so sad that there are only 2 eposides left. Already exhibiting psychotic tendencies, they grew up without “learning the proper behavior.

I believe that he cared about little Hyun too, as something in their first interaction led him to believe that Hyun wanted his father dead, so he took care of it. He believes that it is often not possible for government to be neutral on deam questions and calls for a more engaged civic debate about issues such as commercial surrogacy and same-sex marriage.


I know he have to pay his sin, but i hope he never lost his brother again. Instead they’re using deep love, regret, fondness – the sort of emotions that ache and last.

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Oooff, this scenario is what I feared the most. And good for Hyun, never missing a single chance to emphasize that he never abandoned Min.

eramapassion If you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, you’ll dramaoassion this episode very interesting. Lawyer Jung is discharged from the hospital, and I love that he calls Hyun to let him know. The best thing about this show, for me, is the relationships and how dynamic they are. The casting needless to say are just amazing John Craven discovers why sailing has put a Hampshire town on the British tourist map.

I hope the productions team get some recognition, give them award juseyo!

Jung Yoo Jin Supporting Cast. Thanks to the listeners and subscribers for all the love.

Would Min have become a “monster” if he’d spent his life with Hyun instead of Joon Ho? Min’s head must be spinning, this cannot be how he thought a reunion would go.

And these 2 higy naturally breaks before each other. Of course, this is just a theory: And this relationship between the two leads is a breath of fresh air.