Sylvester Kuo Super Reviewer. With no restrictions whatsoever, these guys show themselves to be seriously disturbed folks. Inside the Wildest Political Show on Earth. I felt let-down when the story revealed early on that the characters were rip-offs of real cartoons; this negated the whole Drawn Together universe. This movie certainly outgrossed most of the TV episodes with scenes of disgusting sex and violence to generate laughs. There are no approved quotes yet for this movie. Seth MacFarlane as I.

In other projects Wikiquote. Vernon Wells as The Network Head. List of Drawn Together characters. The cartoon parody is meant to push the boundaries of taste, but amidst violence against women, the violation of corpses, kids asking to be sexually abused, heads blown off at close range, the drinking of baby blood Though most of the sound does come from the front speakers, there are definitely some discrete rear sounds coming through as well, such as a gunshot early in the movie that had me ducking after I heard it come from over my shoulder. Retrieved from ” https:

The 3-D sex scene between Toot and Foxxy was yucky and funny at the same time. The Movie Blu-ray Dradn. The housemates make it out just in time with the help of The Giant Who Shits Into His Own Mouth, an aptly-named guard of the palace that saved the housemates after using Clara’s arms to prevent him from defecating into his mouth earlier.

The animation in the film also proved to be quicker than erawn show.

You have been warned. The movie does actually have a few points to make whether it intends to or notbut they are buried under a heaping pile of you-know-what. My favourite character was the dirty pig Spanky Ham with his ddawn tool.


Lafe Fredbjornson Super Reviewer. James Arnold Taylor as Wooldoor Sockbat. The housemates visit the remains of the erased Drawn Together house. Spanky protests by claiming that they should not open the box; that he is happier being disgusting for no reason.

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How To Train Your Dragon: As the mother tries to calm down the daughter, they drive off a cliff into a vat of alligators in a vat of sulfuric acidkilling them. Dave JeserMatt Silverstein. Don’t have an account? The disc comes movle no 3-D glasses, so… I guess the only point was to be stupid.

This terrifies the daughter, thinking that Foxxy is eating Clara’s face. The Movie — Special Edition. Seth MacFarlane as I. Participants Cree Summer and Tara Strong also add their thoughts.

Mike Scully on The Simpsons Movie. She handles this news as well as anyone else— which is to say, that they all have crisis of faith when they realize that none of them are authentic copyrighted icons. Contributors include the executive producers once again, as well as Flash animation artists from 6-Point Harness. Tara Strong as Princess Clara.

Full List of Academy Awards Winners. I hope you all can appreciate just how hard it was to take screenshots for this review. Intelligent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Ladya robot designed specifically to erase cartoon characters. This then flashes back to six months prior.


The Drawn Together Movie: The guards end up dismembering and eventually killing Clara, but the other three manage to escape. Never had my moral core been so challenged, while my funny bone was being simultaneously assaulted. I did have a few laughs most of which I felt guilty aboutbut more than anything I found myself disappointed that these talented people devoted so much of their time to offering vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity, rather than sticking to what was actually a pretty good story outline.

A few of the others were kind of disgusting. In Bedrocka drunken and pregnant Toot is informed that someone has come to see her. Yes, the creators could have made a really good movie using those themes, but instead they just keep the grossness coming. He opens the box to find out it contains an eraser bomb which erases him from existence.

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John Me Super Reviewer. The only drawback was having to view the film again. The film was criticised for its antisemitismeven though the producers said that “it was supposed to make fun of bigotry “.