It’s because I love my tens of readers. Justin leaves the room and “Angie will remember you did that”. Who to trust in campus crush? Dec 18, ESRB: On your first day in LA, you meet the cutest boy you’ve ever seen Experience Episode puts YOU in the center of the story. I don’t really care. Carter Blaine is decent as well, no matter how weird he may seem.

Interested in creating a story? In the later chapters, it seems like the story has dragged down too much. The story begins with an introduction to Lockhart Lockwood? We must continually watch out about these things. I’m going to keep going with Campus Crush, even though it will definitely make you want to bang your head against the wall. Will you live happily ever after? I picked cute but it doesn’t matter. But Angie can’t trust you because you calls the police about her missing but she didn’t so she was so angry that she is ignoring her.

Angie tells Maya how pretty she is of course and that they have to go partying tonight. Her name is Angie, and you get another cheesy cut scene thing. No matter what u choose u end up in eta break up with kyle make your own sorority-“dead”. I can’t handle continuing Real Hollywood through the app because it gives me a headache, but unfortunately, even though Shauna is an idiot, it still has me waiting to find out what happens.

You could create the next great Episode story. He might not be able to see some thing that is paramartha, that which is transcendental. Ooh I wonder why. So, in our context we will count on that it aspects to foolishness and darkness.


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Amanda Im on episode Here’s the description for Campus Crush: So has anyone finished campus crush? The shadow of that Laksmi is the diety of wealth, and he or she rides on an owl carrier. Then you get to meet Prissy, the leader of Eta, which is apparently the best sorority.

Angie disappeared and before that she send a text message to me saying help. I want to tell you how it ended but it’s a major spoiler alert. Episode Campus Crush Walkthrough. I won’t bother listing the choices. One girl and 3 guys… That translates to 3 personalities, 3 love stories and 3 histories. Meowkitty Well i chose to go on a date with kyle and then when we were outside i looked at the window and it said you swe hayes watching you his stare is creepy Posted on: Lara Liz December 23, at 7: Your browser does not support the video tag.

Talk touch Chi omega I think Posted on: Join the largest community of interactive storytellers in the world.

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Campus Crush Episode 1. Staranonymous Im on 31 and its a very weird story so far and i’d trust Hayes, Angie, Darcy, Emily, and ect Which one will you fall for? Pinepanda The story is fab you can trust Carter and Angie because they are working for some people that are protecting you Posted on: Then we get some weird cut scene where you learn his name is Hayes and the colors change a little bit and I don’t really know how to describe it just play the game.

You get to choose your name from a decently long list of names. Suche ein Computerspiel der 90er Jahre? Hayes and I called the campus police and they weren’t so interested about the case. From romance to comedy to suspense to mystery, Episode has something for everyone.


That’s what happened in my version anyway Posted on: Claifu Cant trust angie thats for sure Posted on: Now on this one, you can change into all three an make your decision.

The thing is that “Kyle” is a default character that could be changed, but both “authors” were too lazy to change a thing about him.

Good luck with this one. You get to choose your outfit. Experience Episode puts YOU in the center of the story.

I don’t really care. She send victor to broke into my room and I walkthrougj to get out from her sorority and she said that if I get out and try to join any other sorority she will destroy them and make my life a living hell. I chose science, because tons of people just major in straight up “science” when they go to college.

I can hardly believe it” so I already hate her for saying OMG. So far that’s all I know hope it helped!

But im not sure. If you could become a cruhs in your fave anime, what anime would you choose? I’m going to keep going with Campus Crush, even though it will definitely make you want to bang your head against the wall.