In fact, it is worded more vaguely than the Multai plate record. But there is absolutely nothing else to support the theory that the Rashtrakutas ever ruled in Baghelkhand. At any rate, it has not been transmitted. There are four kings in this list, but there are only two names, viz. It would thus appear that at least half the names given in the inscription are fictitious. The record on the 4th is illegible. She caused the deities Krishna, Vishnu, and others to be continually worshipped in this temple, by Brahmans especi- ally appointed, by offerings, banquets, and riches innumer- able. His son was Sariikaragana, and the younger brother of this prince was Yuvarajadeva.

Even the second conquest of the Chalukyas was not without vicissitudes. We therefore find here a number of inscriptions, some of which do not really belong to this temple. In a stone built into the plinth of a pavilion there is a record in characters of the nth Century A. The first was Sumaiigala, son of Taradatta, and the second Sutradhara Rishigana. As stated before, this inscription is undated, but con- sidering that Karasiriihadeva was ruling in A. Bilahrl is 9 miles from Katni-Murwara, a railway station and head-quarters of a tahsif. The description of these 5 kings is, as Dr. The latter rnay have been 3 quarter of Sirpur, if not a separate village.

Undapura remains unidentified as yet. Akbar’s inscription is on the western gate. Harivatsakotta is identified with Dhupgarh. Nothing stteaming historical importance is recorded of either of these two brothers. It does not, however, appear that they gained any permanent footing beyond Baghelkhand and Bilaspur District in the east, the Godavari in the south, and Narsinghpur, Seoni, Nagpur and Chanda in the west.

Bahuriband is 43 miles from Jubbulpore. Paunar is 5 miles from Wardha. The English equivalent of the date is Saturday the 24th November A. He apparently belonged to the Western Magadha dynasty. These localities remain unidentified as yet. Province is very doubtrul. Satallama Charter issued in the 8th year chikamsra the reign of Mahabhavagupta I Janamejaya assignable to the beginning of the i ith Century A. His son was Sariikaragana, and the younger brother of this prince was Yuvarajadeva.


Again, there is no trace of the remaining 3 villages mentioned in the record. Samudragupta, the Indian Napoleon as Mr.

Aflam Arabia Jadida From a prince of the lunar race named Arjuna or Sahasr- arjuna was descended the king Kokalladeva. Pedestal inscription of the Vikrama year From Atri proceeded the moon, whose son chi,amara was Budha. The remaining two Nallpadra and Vanapadra are not traceable. It is undated, but Sodha- deva may probably be the same mentioned in the inscrip- tions on dhikamara Padmakunda at Khandwa.

Himalaya, the Vindhya, Vinasana in the west and Prayaga in the east. Other localities are not traceable. Hiranyapura golden town may be identified with Songaon near Chandur and Karma- kara with Kalamgaon close to Chandur. There are a number of Sati pillars in this district, those at Hatta, Hindoria and Batihagarh being well known.

The next three kings mentioned in the plates are Yuvarajadeva’s ton Lakshmanaraja and his two sons Sariikaraganadeva and his younger brother Yuvarajadeva II. Watch Movies and TV Channels on your computer.

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There is an old temple here on one of whose pillars the name of Magardh- vaja Jogi is inscribed. Kielhorn says that Chijamara is not known from any other inscription. My best thanks are due to the Hon’ble Mr. But there is absolutely nothing else to support the theory that the Rashtrakutas ever ruled in Baghelkhand. In line 14 Sripuri is mentioned, and in line 20 Srimaiigala, who was apparently the composer of the record. Freevideo streaming for every movie and TV show — Never pay asubscription unlike Netflix!

If the date is correct, this man must have been the Tughalak king who reigned between and A. Close to Arvi lies the taluk of Chandur, which is evidently the Chandrapura of our inscription.


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The Raipur District has a small museum in which some inscriptions are deposited. They do not seem to have been affected by Samudragupta’s “country-taking” conquest. This inscription is one of Maha Jayaraja issued from the town of Sarabhapura.

Vira Simha was his offspring, to whom was born a good son named Tribhuvana Raya, whose son was Prithivi Raja, whose son was Bharati Chandra, whose son was Madana Simha, whose son was Ugra Sena ; his son was Rama Sahi, from whom was descended Tarachandra, whose son was Udaya Simha, whose son was Bhanumitra, whose son was Bhavani Dasa, whose son was Siva Siriiha, whose son was named Harinarayana, whose son was Chikamada Sirhha, whose son was Raja Sirhha, whose son was Dadiraya, whose son was Goraksha Dasa, whose son was Arjuna Sirhha to whom was born Sangrama Sahi, ‘by whom, when he had reduced the orb of the earth, fifty-two fortresses were constructed, indestructible from their excellent fortifi- cations.

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As for Donda and Sfreaming, the latter of which must be looked for in a form such as Badapall or Barapali, there are so many places in Chhattisgarh bearing these names that it is djfficult to say which particular ones were meant.

Fleet calls Tivaradeva as the adopted son of Nannaraja, being misled by the omissions of the engraver.