Dec 21, to? I wonder when the next episode is supposed to come out? Seems like it might shape up to be interesting, though I feel kind of bad for his wife. It probably wasn’t supposed to be so funny, but it made me laugh so much! Nagai, drowning in his sorrows and hatred for the new bride then meets Honda Kenzou, another guest at the wedding, a friend of the bride’s. And why is Chisato convinced that Riju’s friends want to take advantage of him? I wish the second ova came out already!

Even if forced into marriage.. Heheh for me it seemed more like: Made me giggle at least. Seems like it might shape up to be interesting, though I feel kind of bad for his wife. I was amused by the Engrish. Ova 1 Part 3 – Link.

Heheh for me it seemed more like: Fitting for the subject, the anime features a large amount of music, a diverse set of characters, plenty of comedy, romance, and touches of drama and violence. None found, add some.

Ova 2 Part 2 – Link. One woman in particular, the beautiful actress Mitsuki Utsunomiya, is rumoured to be marrying Kyousuke.

Ova 1 Part 2 – Link. Chisato’s hobby is to drive away all of Riju’s friends because he thinks they want to corrupt his precious child. Shounen Ai, Yaoi Rating: As Ayase is still a student and does not have a job, he is forced romanhan sell his body to Kanou.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Seems like it might ikku up to be interesting, though I feel kind of bad for his wife. The couple went to Italy, and had their wedding on rokantan ship. Boku wo Konomama KaeranaiBoku wo Konomana Kaeranailinkshounen aishounen-aiurlwatchwhereyaoi. It has the typical episoe OVA habit of rushing through everything. Emily’s Random Shoujo Manga Page. Ranmaru is soo Cute!!! LOL Yeah, let’s not get carried away with our expectations! I’ve always used Youtube for this anime, but in the past few days Youtube deleted part Okane Ga Nai Forum Settings Episode Information Forums.


Though he doubts his ability to succeed at such a school because he is a transfer student coming in the middle of the year, and he has no special ability that he can speak of, he accepts the admission.

Full – Link Labels: Uhm, I idokoi the part where it focuses on his underwear. However, there is one guy, Shunsuke, who doesn’t fall for the tricks. Dec 21, to? BBCode oh, these little earthquakes.

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan-Ova 1, Part 2 of 3

This causes much distress for Mira who had already thought that Kyousuke was cheating on him. They are both invited to audition or a new erotic film and see this as their last chance to achieve this success. D Apart from that, it was a nice episode. Morimura is in love with Kawashima Natsuko, a female flutist in the orchestra, but Kawashima falls for Tonoin when he joins to act as the group’s new conductor in order to get closer to Morimura. Fujimi Orchestra is a yaoi series featuring an amateur orchestra.

Yeah Ranmaru said that when they were having sex from the version that I saw. Ova 2 Part 3 – Link. Ikoku Irokoi Romantan Episode 1 Discussion. You could at least behave.

Ikoku Irokoi Romantan OVA 1 & 2 [Eng Subs]

How many cliches can you pack into one OVA?! I was also highly amused that Ranmaru didn’t mention the fact that it was weird with another guy until AFTER they were doing naughty things.


Not too bad, since she’s kind of a bitch and that other guy adores her anyway. Need to watch the next one. Keita’s first actual friend is Endo Kazuki, who immediately eoisode Keita under his wing and takes care of him to the extent that Keita laughingly dubs him “grandmother.

Episodes 1 to 6: Al is such a cute Japanophile. So I downloaded this when it first came out and only watched it today This felt a bit random like oh hey you look good lets have sex and get it over with. And why is Chisato convinced that Riju’s friends want to take advantage of him? More shounen-ai than yaoi.

Al Albertoan Italian man on the s hip, took an interest in Ranmaru, and the story revolves around the romance between the two men, Ranmaru and Al. I think it was a little slow, or not enough chemistry between the guys: Boku no Pico If anyone else has a link please let me know. Boku wo Konomama Kaeranai I wish the second ova came out already! Ova 1 Part 1 – Link. P Even the smut wasn’t really fantastic, but I’m hoping that will improve in future episodes.

Now Kanou wants to keep Ayase close episoee him in order to protect him, and uses the million yen debt to force Ayase to live with him.