Important information about purchasing this product: We want to live a peaceful and natural life. Was wondering where he disappear to. Login or Register before you can reply to skinnymocha. This product will not be shipped to Hong Kong. Company Information About YesAsia. That I find offensive. However, I reckon both make a good pair onscreen.

He did star with Anne for quite a number of series…I always found his acting was very stiff. People in HK are so materialistic and money minded that it is really sad. Something is wrong this guy. Login or Register before you can reply to kolo. I lived like this every day. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. I have a good feeling that one day he will make a strong come back….

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The guy is too proud. I am sure if his children are mature enough then they will not look down on him or lose respect for him. Please reload the page and try again.

Life in Sanyuan County – 跟紅頂白大三元

This product is out of print and no longer available from the publisher. What about women who stay home and the men have to take care of them just because they are plain lazy and do not want to work and take care of themselves???

We should take any article we read with a grain of salt. Many people that I know are ill, but you live tell that they are by just looking at them. Login or Register before you can reply to Charbydis.


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Home News Members Activity Comments. Kong WahMak Kitman. I guess that truly shows something. If you have depression, working and keep busy probably will be better for him. I have an uncle that has to stay home and take care of his kids, drives them to school and his wife to work,etc.

And it helps once they gain that momentum. Login or Register before you can reply to Primrose. For an entire year, I could not stand or sit. I hope he snaps out of it and come back to filming. I think he is unwell but 5 years is too long for a holiday.

However, they are both ill now and cannot work so they stay at home while their wives work. They may not be filthy rich like the Richard Lis and Julian Huis. But I think the roles were not challenging enough for him and he did not get along with the press and other staff due to his attitude. So to say he was treated unfairly by TVB was unfair.

Login or Register before you can reply to Tree. I like him with Melissa Ng. Don’t have an account? Home About Help Search. Login or Register before you can reply to lemongrass. Not satisfied with ruling their own roost, three housewives and three respective families keep contending for the power to rule a bigger roost, the Sanyuan County! Login or Register before you can reply to sandcherry. He still have fans looking forward to his return. Login or Register before you can reply to nomad NTSC color broadcast system: Kitman, a popular singer and actress in the eighties, retired from the entertainment industry soon after marrying Kong Wah in the early nineties.


Of course none of us know the truth but I personally feel that this article is exaggerated. It also sounds like his injury isnt that serious anymore if he is able to wash his car. No one ever says a housewife as leeching off their husband.

I had an aunt that lived visited from Asia and she was shocked that men actually did the dishes. My mom just sniggered at a house husband not just 1 day ago! Maybe he just wants want a break.

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He was never sidetracked by TVB. Sincerely hope he gets better and will act again, I love to see his show. He was always the lead in TVB.

Times are different now and my family is really really traditional as well. Login or Register before you can counth to mun hon. Hong Kong Picture Format: