Empress Ki Episode I’m also hoping JungHwan won’t buy the evil Vice Premier’s explanation which does kinda sound plausible for those not in the loop Jung-hwan bursts into the storefront, and the merchant rings the bell alerting the fugitives. Won mulls over the clues, trying to narrow down the source of the poison. I actually care more about the supporting characters like So-Baek, Keok-Jeong and Do-moon than our leads; I don’t even really pay attention to Won anymore maybe because of Lee Dong Wook’s acting? I’m surprised that no one or so few of the comments here have mentioned the excellent portrayal by the child actor acting as the Grand Prince in this episode.

Mandate Of Heaven – Episode 3. Loving this drama too.. Kill Deok-pal by tomorrow night, or the girl dies. Finitely an easy watch drama that made my Sunday’s special. So-baek is rather stupidly chatty, talking out loud in very incriminating ways, but at least she has Keok-jung around to shut her up and watch her back. Thank you Javabeans for recapping this series! It seems like there are three: The writing was good, even with some of the repeated motives.

Chun-bong is not automatically siding with the king or the prince, but his idealist and philosophical ways will have him backing whoever will be a good king. The wrap-up hit all the important beats for me, so I leave the show content.

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What are you, a monkey? Thanks for the recap! Hearing that Won needed medical care, Lee Ho instructs mandage to keep checking in on him.

It was a combination of the actor and the chemistry. I agree with the consistency of the story telling and the camerawork. In addition, the story teller set the characters up in a way that I can see how history played out.

I just treated it as josson more expected plot point. Also the Jung Hwan and Woo Young romance was just so good. Thus it’s a huge deal that that king rescinded his abdication notice, because it makes it seem he is withdrawing his support of Lee Ho, thereby giving Gyeongwon tacit approval.


Thanks for recapping this show, Javabeans! Good to bump into an old 1n2d fan too.

Your email address will not be published. He does well in sad emotional scene, esp with Rang.


And then… his eunuch keels over. Thank goodness this finale was good. Thank you so so much for keeping up with the recaps, despite the low ratings!! Not sure if this was important but it seems that Minister Kim and the leader of the bandits have a history that may involve So-baek. Even with those two stock types tje a lot of the conflict, the rest of the cast has a nice depth that I find surprising but welcome.

If you think about it, there are so few roles for kids on television that last a whole drama. Thanks for sticking with episoed, JB, especially when you’ve had so many other dramas on your plate.

What is the reference?

It wasn’t perfect, by any means, but it was excellent and consistent. The palace’s ending is open-ended, since it’s evident to all what would happen to Injong anyways Heeaven fact, this show has done a strong job of building up really compelling secondary characters all around. It feels like an extended movie.

I also want to commend the child actors for doing a good job in their roles, and dpisode once not just in the first episodes only. Its good to know that Red Demon is observing the case more close now instead of believing Evil Kim’s story. Oh yeah, the kid who played the Grand Prince was awesome.

Again, I’m saying this for the 3rd time! Mandate of Heaven Favorite. WintermelonT June 29, at 7: She thd him not to strain himself talking: Everybody Cha Cha Cha Episode Please click the link in that email to complete e;isode email change process. Enraged, Won launches himself at the old man and they both go sprawling. Yes, need Song Jong Ho heading a drama pronto!


Everything everyone said up there about the characters and plot and surprisingly well acted roles. Do-moon catches up to them in the city, but Keok-jung stays behind to distract him with a fight, allowing the others to escape.

I’m not one for amnesia, but this is the first drama, where I’m actually glad the played this card. It was jiseon only drama that I actually couldn’t wait until it came out. Like others i can’t wat to see him joining the good guys. Won is stronger, though, and overpowers him enough to turn the blade around on the attacker. Episodes by LollyPip. Just wanted to say, thank you thank you thank you thank you for recapping this drama.

You have no idea, how much I fan girl-ed when she kissed him to shut him up. Something about the assassin with a heart tugs at my heart; I hope he gets a chance to choose the good guys, especially since Merchant Jang is valuing him less these days.

Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: With his own neck on the line, Vice Premier Kim decides that the sicker Rang is, the better for his needs.

I cringed everytime seeing his expression. Jadielaw June 30, at But just then, Rang finally stirs awake, to their relief. Poor weak prince, with such an easily manipulated father. By now So-baek is consumed with worry for Keok-jung, in denial that he could be hurt or caught.