I agree with you would like Mine to fall in love with Timur for he put his life on hold all these years for her. Where is season 2 netflix. I want to know if who was the lady came to their wedding??? Help me where to find the Season 2, am willing to rent if i have to!!! Marilyn craft May 3, at Retrieved from ” https: For the sake of the child I would at least try the marriage and if it dose work than at least I know I tried, but Timur is a fool, no way I would be waiting so long. Netflix did not share the whole series.

Help me where to find the Season 2, am willing to rent if i have to!!! Unbelievable that Seyit committed suicide.. I so totally agree with you about Mine and Timur…and Sinan was too hot headed. Did Mine mother except the purposal. Mine was so long faced all of the time. Did Timor go to visit a dying Bala in a private hospice? Judy McClellan May 22, at 6:

Is there a season 2?? I absolutely loved this movie but i do not like the fact that wrong seems to triumph over good.

Retrieved October 9, Renata June 28, at 4: However girl I loved has left me terribly disappointed and baffled!!! Sinan was the moral and ethical figure in the show; yet, he suffered more than the others.

Meenay (Episode 55) – video dailymotion

Views Read Edit View history. Obstacles were continuously put in his way.


Will never watch another one of these. Diane May 29, at 2: Is he really dead???


Timur is a young and rich widow man who owns a big car store and lives happily with his year old daughter. Cliffhangers are not good unless you know everything will be resolved. I too am disappointed that there is no conclusion to this movie.

How storh merve see her mom at the wedding when all along were led to believe Timor was a widow What happens to Eminemwho is definitely out of her mind Does turan drxma his wife reunite Does sinan recover and unite with the neighbor and her child What about erdal and srory baby And what about the physco Derin who shot Sinan This was a wonderful family saga story but totally left me disappointed!!!

CS1 Hebrew-language sources he. After 2 years and Hasan being used to Timur I dont know how i would decide. Although it is an arranged marriage agreed only on paper, Mine and Timur become attracted to each other as the story develops.

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He was there for her from the beginning. I still think that sinan is the one for mine. I thought Timur was a widow.

He was controlling and evil with all his ways in trying to dramaa Sinan away from Mine. How do you know it was the last one?


Meenay (Episode 55)

I must tell you that you are messing with our ztory. He was make sure Sinai was out. I love Turkish shows. So many really good ones on currently. The ending was so heart wrenching and disappointing. So are some of the other actors involved in other shows.

Hola, si quieres manda me tu direccion de correo electronico a mi direccion: Sabina February 16, at Sinan Hakan Kurtason the other hand, is a handsome guy who comes from a rich family. Saima January 14, at 2: Una mano peluda se ve en la meeenay cuando Timur sale de su casa alien lo apunta con la mano sin arma. To me, he is the tragic figure in this series. This is my one complain becos I am watching tv and yelling at the same time saying to the characters, what are you waiting for, go hug the girl and kiss her now!!!