The app also allows users to quickly search recipes in a number of ways — by course, cuisine, skill level, ingredients or even rating — allowing keen B. Ceiling hoods are the perfect combination of functionality, design and lighting. Our multifunction ovens, for example, can make a great second oven, but also provide you with essential microwave functions for everyday use. Offering an inspiring choice of exciting new recipes that will help you to explore and enjoy the benefits yourself — you get to understand how versatile your oven is. Our range includes a fantastic saucepan set available for use with all Neff induction hobs ZXO – part number , baking trays, pots and pans, roasters, other oven and hood accessories, spare parts and the amazing E-Cloth. Because the hot air is focused directly onto the food 12 www. With a whisper quiet noise level, it produces the ideal combination of efficiency and elegance. B46C74N3GB So often we hear that cooking meat right through means sacrificing tenderness and moisture.

The FlexInduction design layout offers a larger zone approximately 24 x 40cm to cater for bigger pans presenting more flexibility in pan size selection and positioning and consistent heat across the surface. This makes for cheaper utility bills as well as an eco-friendly appliance, enabling you to do your bit for the world. This brochure should not be regarded as an infallible guide nor as an offer for sale of any particular product. Finished with high precision, bevelled edges and mounted on a steel frame, they come complete with designer pan supports. Pc Tv The following when a Television set vendor is advantageous. Our dealers are experts on all things Neff.

To continue to interact with our online community, we have launched a new and exciting Neff B. Sift over the flour and fold in.

Switch on the SuperCool feature when you get home from a big shop! Place the butter and caster sugar in a large bowl and, using a hand-held electric whisk, beat together until light and fluffy. Calls may be monitored and recorded in case we need to check we have carried out your instruction correctly and to help us improve our quality of service.


The top basket is removed, and the large item spray accessory is attached. They have a contemporary architectural look, which fits well with a modern kitchen. We keep available a comprehensive range simgle replacement spare parts for our appliances for up to ten years.

DosageAssist is a method of ensuring that perfect cleaning results are achieved with every wash cycle. Please contact the Neff Marketing Department for assistance. Most of all, you need to feel confident in a laundry appliance.

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A safety valve prevents any more water from entering the dishwasher and overflowing even when the machine is off. This great feature applies to door storage shelves too. The 3D Aqua Spa wash system uses a combination of specially designed paddles, perforations in the drum and a unique cascade programme to thoroughly clean your clothes in less time whilst delivering the best performance wash every time. Recirculation requires charcoal carbon filters to help remove unwanted odours.

Quick and even temperature distribution on all shelf levels, even after door opening.

Just a flat, non-porous surface, which you can wipe over quickly. These demonstrations will be hosted by our experienced Home Economists who will create some recipes using the unique Neff functions to demonstrate how to get the most from your oven.

This gives a more intense rinse to steel the exposure to allergens, making sure that your sensitive skin does not become irritable. Confident that you b45e25n3gb leave it to get on with the business of effectively washing or drying your clothes while you turn your attention to other things, inside or out of the house.

At Neff, we do everything we can to create an extensive range of quality kitchen appliances full of innovative features to help you be at your best. The combination shown here of In-Line appliances gives everything needed in a kitchen for total flexibility.


Neff extractor hoods have metal grease filters as standard.

Built In Appliances

The inclusion of VarioDrawer Plus on our top of the range dishwashers offers an additional loading level for cutlery and other utensils for greater flexibility. Use ducting pipes with a diameter of at least mm, but ideally mm. Recirculation which passes the air through a series of filters and back into the room. The FlexInduction design layout offers a larger zone approximately 24 x 40cm to cater for bigger stainleas presenting more flexibility in pan size selection and positioning and consistent heat across the surface.

Built In Appliances

Ceiling hoods are the perfect combination of functionality, design and lighting. The stylish glass canopy on this model co-ordinates well with Neff glass hobs and makes a real design statement. Check the energy label for more details.

YouTube channel which features a wide variety of video content for finding inspiration, advice and for sharing your baking results. The grill element is situated in the oven roof. The sharp angles and clean faces make atainless strong impact in bold stainless steel. Our clever new function is Neff AirFresh which is available on all electronically controlled models.

Our serjes appliances are designed to work together seamlessly and simultaneously, increasing b4552n3gb cooking options and extending your horizons in the kitchen.

Some come with a larger wok burner as standard, whilst other models come with the option to have a wok support as an accessory.

Data valid in this table as of October This means you can prepare all sorts of foods — bread, meat and fish, for example — keeping them beautifully moist on the inside, but satisfyingly crispy on the outside. Maximum ducting length should be 5 metres, reducing by 1.