Sarita runs from there, unable to control her emotions any longer, giving on elast distraught glanec at her child. He is highly uneasy in sleep. While sarita bares out her heart to him, he is tensed and confused. All are tensed, while vikrant is determined to find about the murderer. The police says that she was indeed poisoned and its a clear case of murder. Rohan exposed in Punar Vivah Subscribe bit.

The guests compliment sarita for being an ideal wife and mother. Vandana too comes to his defence, and says that this is a trap for her son, and asks why would he kill her, as he loves kajal still. She tries to get up but fails..! She comes to him and points it out. She says u both gotta be careful.. Mix of romance and masti in Punar Vivah iansindia 5 years ago.

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Eijaz Khan suffers from food poisoning! Vikrant asks him to go to his room, abhi says that he cant do that, as he has promised sarita tht he wont go, leaving him alone, vivau sadness.

Vandana novemger that she wont let them be together ever. She smiles nervously and in anticipation, as he leans in closer. Vikrant says that vandana told her about this. He says that he always speaks the truth unlike others. Kamal says to sarita that she neither is scared of the police or of vandana, and hence episoce would shout that being the lowlife that kajal was, she had to pay a price for what she did.

While working in the kitchen, shiela is suddenyl attacked by a male member, which turns out to be rohan. Vandana silences her too. He says that he wants to spend all his life in her arms. She says they left.! Raj and divya leave.

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While a distraught vikrant is sitting on the bed, the video cd starts playing, and sarita bares out her heart and drama that she had done with divya. She asks him toc lose his eyes. The police says that kajal didnt die of poisoning but she died after consumption of diamond.


He still says episodd he would try and find a way out. She still givah him to speak. Sarita walks out with the lady constables, while vikrant looks tensedly.

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Vikrant locks the door, and finds sarita amused. Rohans mom sneaks in cops in the house and Rohan is shocked.! 2103 asks her to calm episove, but kajri says that all that shiela wants is hapeneing. He eyes everyone with suspicion. Vikrant asks her not to pretend to care for these rituals, as he got a mother and not a wife for him, and she cant be one also. Vikrant stealthily creeps into their room and searches through their wardrobe, and in doing so, some of the stuff falls on the ground, causing a clutter.

The police says that the criminal is amongst them and is scared right now, as he didnt get the chance to wipe the evidences. She finds vikrant 115th, and wonders what would he be thinking that she isnt wearing the gift.

He tells them that from the blood, it seems that she has been poisoned, but they would know the real cause of death, only after postmortem. He comments on how the investigative is unfolding everyday. She screams out for kamla. Sarita wonders why didnt vikrant forgfive her, and maybe he hasnt seen the CD yet. Cops open noember door of Vikrants room and find only Abhi asleep.! The lawyer too says that they cant do anything, as they would file puna this verdict tomorrow.

Vandna says that her death wont get rohan to her. He says that soon the murderer would be 15tg, howsoever Kamla is still fuming in front of sarita. Vikrant-Sarita are hugging each other and hear police siren and break the hug. Vikrant shushes her n says. Shiela gets water for vandana. She asks him to sleep.! Rohans mom says wont let Sarita re-enter Vikrants life. Vikrant says that this will be a secret or it wont be good for either of u two!


She thinks that implies that shiela has been punag to rohan, and maybe is involved in this somehow. Kamla gives vikrant a bowl and asks her to feed sarita.

The police demands to see it. He denies and she says that his daddy is fighting and she isnt. But raj refuses that he has work in the shop and wont go.

Srishty Rode is par excellence By www. Punar Vivah 2 4th Episoee — Part 1. Vikrant asks Sarita to say once what she said in the CD.

All are tensed, while vikrant is determined to find about the murderer. Cop warns her not to repeat the same mistake of wasting time of cops. Sarita is silenced, but novembed shiela aside.

Vikrant smirks, while Sarita thinks that vikrant called rohan today of all days, without consulting her, and thinks that she would get to the bottom of this. She ios plesantly 20133, and is happy that today they are together with each other again. Vikrant is tensed and speechless. She puts on the videocamera and starts taping it.