By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The planets are coming into direct alignment and the tenth planet, Planet X, is getting closer and is about to come into alignment behind Pluto and will cause a massive gravitational disruption, one not seen in 5, years. Randy Warsaw is a parody of modern artist Andy Warhol. When the gang realizes that the robots are coming from deep underwater, Daphne recruits two of her babysitting charges, Tom and Tub , and their seal also named Scooby , to transport the gang in their submarine to the robots’ spawning vats, in an area the kids call “The Midnight Zone”. Also, the role-playing game featured in this episode, Crypts and Creatures , is a parody of Dungeons and Dragons. Fred and Daphne then go to the Clam Cabin and Fred explains how Daphne is the only one who really understands him. The Mayor enlists the Mystery Inc. It is revealed, not to Mystery Incorporated but to the viewer, that the puzzle piece from Danny Darrow is part of a Planispheric Disk.

As the gang follows the original Mystery, Inc. Season 2 Episode Upon opening the box, its contents are revealed to be an entire history of Crystal Cove. This episode and the next one feature “Hot Dog Water” instead of Daphne in the opening credits. Mayor Janet Nettles voice Udo Kier Llave” written under the brim. Search for ” Scarebear ” on Amazon.

Darrow Family Archives stolen from the university by Mr.

Cartoon Characters, Cast and Crew for Scarebear (2012)

He ddoo asks her to marry him after the end of high school. Barnum and produced by Joey Levine. By destroying the Evil Entity, the gang created an entirely different timeline. Phibes and The Fly. Mystery Incorporated features an overarching story. After Fred and Spartan have a long conversation, Spartan invites the gang to have dinner at his house.

E is discovered scarebrar own Destroido. This episode and the previous one open with no credit sequence, just the title, to underscore the disbandment of Mystery Incorporated.


I would have destroyed my own company to get those Planispheric Disk pieces. Scooby then helps Shaggy escape from military school and together they find Fred who now has the appearance of a hobo and the three return to Crystal Cove.

A man resembling Clark Griswoldfrom the film National Lampoon’s Vacationappears in the cold open with his family as lost tourists, traveling in the distinctive Wagon Queen Family Truckster from the Vacation film. Fred asks his dad if he is proud of him for solving the mystery, but Mayor Jones answers no. The Mayor enlists the Mystery Inc.

Ed Machine reveals to dlo that Professor Pericles had ulterior motives, by showing a recording of Pericles himself, in which he says that giving Scooby what he needed to complete his revenge mystefy him to look for certain objects he required.

After catching Char Gar Gothakon, the gang reunites only to find that Mr. These children are proving hard to handle. The cicada monster, made scolby one cicada shape out of thousands of cicadas, threatens to destroy Mystery Incorporated on the day of Mayor Jones’ Cicada Creature Festival if they do not stop investigating.

E and Professor Pericles met each other.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated – Season 2, Episode Scarebear –

The beast kidnaps Daphne which places Fred in a state of total shock rendering him unable to say anything that does not relate to her. Having no other option, he asks Fred and the gang to help him capture the manticore.

After the word is spread, Sheriff Stone wcooby everyone rebel against the Kriegstaffelbots and go on a riot. During a rehearsal for this year’s production revolving around Friar Gabriello Serra and his donkey Porto, a specter resembling one of the props scares off the cast and crew members. Velma then receives a text message from Mr.


Full Cast & Crew

This episode parallels the book and films based on Jack Finney’s Invasion of the Body Snatchersand the moment that motivates the villain is an homage to a moment in the movie Carrie. Shaggy is captured by the gnome, leaving Velma very worried. Fred is depressed that the villain escaped and states that Mystery Incorporated will not be the same since Daphne is never coming back. Meanwhile, Professor Pericles has gone crazy, leaving Mr. Writer Harlan Ellison incodporated himself, though the animated version appears as he vast in the s.

The gang arrives at the second gate, and opens it using the mortar bowl. The episode ends with the gang returning to their homes separated. When Professor Pericles gets the Planispheric Disk, he makes plans to free his “master”. They investigate the oil rig and manage to capture the Incorporates Freaks.

The hideout turns out to be an old Spanish galleon. A gluttonous monster attacks Francilee Jackson on her cooking show. At Spartan’s house, he scloby Fred his latest discovery, a cursed shrunken head.

Cartoon Characters, Cast and Crew for Scarebear

Audible Download Audio Books. The jokes about Crypts and Creatures being addictive may be a reference to the anti-gaming film Mazes and Monsters. If they destroy the entity, everyone from the dream world would be set free from the curse. After hours, the gang returns to the store, only to be attacked by the Mayan Priestesswho warns them away from the temple. The dialogue was a direct homage to that scene. The series is produced by Warner Bros. With the help of Mr.