I have been waiting for this moment, as i’m sure we all were. Aunt also feels bad to Ah Jung, who was also really hurt. His chauffeur probably heard an earful and had a near heart attack witnessing his usually cool and unflappable boss acting so out of character! Thank you so much, ockoala. Please, where else can we watch MR with eng sub? Stalking the playground, like a hungry lie to me zombie mob, waiting for any news!!! But I know perhaps it won’t end well I wonder who he means.

He does come to the correct conclusion right away, though. All the acronyms I use are explained and defined in the Glossary tab above. To stop me, you will have to follow me to hell. When he first got back, he was afraid to see them in person. She pulls his hand away and they end up falling back on the table. Give him a huge hug, a even greater kiss, and make love to him, just for fun!! You, stay the same. Okay, was NOT expecting this at all.

Why research the past, Hae Woo? He gets out of the episoce and they stare at each other like enemies rather dramacraay a future affianced couple. Ah Jung, please do not fall for the cutesy crap from KJ just yet.

Si Yi wakes up the moping Xiao Ke, who compares herself to a ghost who wants to do nothing. Ki Joon calmly tells her that he will wait until she can manage her feelings. Ki Joon is waiting for her at the cherry blossom lane, asking why it took her so long dramavrazy get back.

He thinks the monkey looks just like her. Hopefully the next 8 episodes will show how the relationship will work, a date, kisses and misses stolen or intentional, cuddling, sweet talks. I saw it the exact same way that Ms Koala did.


Her conclusion is that because they have been apart for three years, of course Ki Joon can be shaken. I promise to change my name soon. Her co-worker tells her to go outside and get some air to relax herself. His feelings keep getting in the way and he keeps straying from his supposed course. Hyun Ki Joon makes me frustrated. No doubt about that!!! I know, that was my main source for watching kdramas! Even if she doesn’t consciously know it’s Haraboji, I think Hae Woo senses it.

Moving on, is part of the evolution. Vivian looks genuinely stricken but she just stands there doing nothing.

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Vivian bitches about no one picking her up at the airport, and then chews out Sheng Jun for not reminding Cheng Kuan as his assistant. The Orpheus allegory finally gets the attention it deserves take that, sharks! We need to fall, and raise once again, until Kingdom come!!!

Yoon Joo meets with Aunt, who apologizes for what happened that day.

Ah Jung thinks back to Ki Joon saying that the Chairman is very important to his career. They seriously need a kiss.

She can save him from his own cruelty and from losing himself but so far he doesn’t seem to be doing anything truly Yakuza like to get jailed. And he doesnt see the issue with this.

Outside the office, Ki Joon is waiting for her. I feel it right away, she say it with concern! Ah Jung lays outside in the yard.

Every time you open your heart, and dramaceazy someone in, they just kick you, punch you in the face, and spit you!! The convention audience would be soo good. My fellow K-Drama Addicts, It has come to my attention that dramacrazy.

Yi Chun offers to drive her, asking for a chance to do something for her. For example I just watch the latest episode of Cyrano Dating Agency and they had like 4 different options.


It’s only a matter of time before she figures out that it was Bookshop Ajusshi! So instead Ki Joon traded his career for hers. Cheng Kuan standing up for his feelings was a real surprise. Not sure what will happen to SH though. If it wasn’t raining I’d feel the need to climb up on the rooftop and shout to the world, “Yes!

Thank you so much for recapping this series which has become my addiction along with Best Love at the moment. I feel like one of the secretary fan girls every time he comes on the screen! Everyone has their own personal flavor! Nothing coming from Yoon Joo will fill that hole!!

As always, Joon-Young is practically perfect. Please support this website by adding us to your whitelist in your ad blocker.

Miss Rose Episode 11 Recap

He nevertheless offers to pay, and the two guys toast Ki Joon. I dramacrazg hope this is not paralleled in “Shark,” and that Hae Woo isn’t consigned to figurative perdition because of Yi Soo. Yoon Joo says she wants to get married as soon as possible. There are 6 episodes left, there is no way in hell, that they be all lovely-dovey, the have some epjsode problems, to deal with… Sang Hee, loving his brother chick, again!

Two thumbs up Miss Koala for your thought.