I think he is very good in TBDW too. That little girl was so funny. I kinda agree with Kim Yoonmi I, too, expected a more clever ending from this otherwise superb drama. Jolly October 20, at 8: Archived from the original on November 28, For very normal, very non-last-life attached reasons.

It’s a reward for the characters but not necessarily for the viewers emotionally yes, but not intellectually , because it just nullifies everything that has happened before. The picture blurs, giving us a version with adult Arang and Eun-oh. Little Arang so cute! So I really liked the series. A crazy girl spinning a crazy tale, having him really not believing in the existences of the supernatural this lifetime as he so pretended and insisted in his last — yet he loves and adores her in this life despite all of it. JB and GF, thank you for the recaps.

Girl Arang tells Boy Eun-Oh not to drink from the well of forgetfulness. Fantasy Horror Period drama Romance. Lee jun ki is the best in portraying his role as Sato. Give punishment or grants something to human. Mom does seem to have ragequit though 2. Other than that the acting was stellar, particularly on Kang Moon Young. If Arang were to realize on her own what you have found out, she will have been rewarded. I seem to keep repeating this, but it’s not so much that she killed herself as that she caused sinkpsis own death by choosing to save Joo-wal’s episoee, back when she was Lee Seo Rim.

Retrieved from ” https: Moo Yeon get the worst punishment even hell is too god for her Might be that it absorbed a bunch of other stuff But animal in heaven I hope this will be good like AatM Sorry, this is so random.


How am I to live on? It is just criticsm. Sad that only the couple with heartbreaking existences out of having There were ways to get out of it.

Those 2 light up the screen, more than a painting. Lol, but my thoughts exactly. Ahh I loved the ending, albeit being slightly confused by it but finally getting it after re-reading for the billionth time haha. And since Eun-Oh sacrificed himself to save Arang, then heaven ought to have been on the table for him too. For an end that is magistdate but entirely — satisfactory? However, he changes his mind after seeing that Arang somehow has a distinctive hairpin that he gave his mother at their last meeting.

Moo Yong become a Goat. This page was last edited on 19 Februaryat And the Jade Emperor. The reaper is the one to guide the souls there, and as we know, he just lost his only reaper contact. I thought it was Mu Young who was reincarnated as a flower eating goat, and when was Mu Young ever a serial sijopsis And Hades had said previously that only with death can new tje spring up in its place.

I could not stop laughing when she started scolding Eun-Ho.

They get to skip all the heartache they endured in the previous life, and ostensibly starting an ordinary, boring, and long life together. Now that’s completely left-field. It wouldn’t be super closed because you can also insert Arang trying to find about her other memories and past events and about her father and EO swearing to help her do that.


For some one as cool as Leejunki Arang and the Magistrateon the other hand, completely works for me. Will [35] “Love Is You” instrumental. And why does everyone in the drama cry, cry, cry? From a lover’s point of view, many more stories have tthe made where one would rather die than live any longer in a world without the other. His kid version lol.

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Somewhere along the way, Arang the character lost her spark and the Arang the drama lost a bit of it fierceness and I wasn’t as magistdate. I didn’t see lee min ho in this drama, then why are you dragging him out. You poor, pititful man. Not your usual avenging ghost story”.

Stardust October 18, at I think he actually did remember, especially after she called him Amnesia as a little kid, and just kept up the running gag to tease her. It was just like, oooh, okay. The first half was definitely better than the second half. Archived epiaode the original on January 26, He has until the last one disappears.

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Enough [ Download ]. From afar, as a black shadow, just looking, just hurting. Bang-wool gives a taste of her pork-and-kimchi wrap to a tavern mistress, who declares that they should go into business together. I honestly felt contented with the reincarnation done here.