Deok-Gu is already way ahead of the others. Or fall on him and accidentally kiss him? You know what’s worse? I still think IMF stuff or fallout from various market crashes elsewhere in the world could have wrecked his business in the years following her accident. I am disappointed that you think that she is only looking for uncle to be looked after. Chan just wants his uncle to find himself again, the version before the accident.

If she finds her uncle, he can help her make sense of what’s happened over the last thirteen years. I just hope this happens sooner rather than later. There are no guarantees in life. DEATH is my favourite character ever. The biggest problem I’m going to have with this show is the inevitable love triangle. Has anyone else noticed this? She agonizes on the way home over how she will find a way to apologize to him.

If she finds her episove, he can help her make sense of what’s happened over the last thirteen years. Oh, it was Euros! Chan is a rainbow: Love angels and airwaves movie plot. The woman suggests he check his spam folder for them. Alright Miss Yellow Shoes, reveal yourself already! But mostly I get the feeling ainopsis she’s looking out for Seo-ri in some mysterious way. As he watches, Seo-ri finally stands to leave. She is 30 years old, your understanding of “mental age” is incorrect.

April 25, – April 26, London. Sunny August 3, at 6: I’m thinking a topiary? But what is the question?

Our Center for Military Education has helped more than 60, students achieve their goals. Lord Cobol August 2, at 8: All a pay day loan company can do to you if you do not pay is take the legal steps necessary to collect your debt according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices. He and Buster have decided to move because they just don’t feel comfortable at Finishing Touch. Woo-jin receives a call coll a rep on the musical festival jazz team.


And what do you know, there are the messages in spam.

Seo-ri imprinted like one of Konrad Lorenz’s goslings on a facsimile of her uncle. Finally caught, I already had a discussion with risaa about Deok-Gu being female.

Personally, I didn’t find it annoying.

I think it’s got less to do with her being 17 and more about her being her. Hi PakalanaPikake – I love your analysis. There’s definitely a love triangle in the making When Woo-jin returns to his office, Chan is waiting for him with pork belly. But a I have never seen Suspicious Housekeeper and b I thought her incompetencies in the first few episodes paled in significance to the multiple failures of the Korean health system.

I just hope this happens sooner rather than later.

Lord Cobol August 3, at 8: Thief of Time is 5th. I know that I most probably will.

Sinopsis Drama Flower Boy Ramyun Shop (Tamat)

She picked up herself when she lost both of her parents. I can understand caeparius’ confusion. Now faced with the choice of her violin or getting out of the house, she takes the number for the room ad someone needs to remind her that rent is a recurring expense.

Beck NYC when I was a teenager. Cloggie August 2, at 2: She also called him on keeping other people at arm’s length. At the moment, I’m not feeling the romance, and I wished the show hadn’t given us that enforced skinship.


Cool Guys, Hot Ramen – Wikipedia

Given the heat wave in South Korea now, I’m itching for her to get a clean shirt. I am disappointed that you think that she is only looking episove uncle to be looked after.

I am confused, Chan has not fallen in love with Seo-Ri romantically, yet. Oddly, I realized that after pakalanapikake Browncoat reference. Did she make Woo-jin the lunchbox just so Seo-ri could deliver it to him?


Why isn’t she looking for her aunt. The judge will consider the person’s mental age when deciding the sentence. But all the running around and the chaos didn’t hide the fact that there is not that much plot. I’m sionpsis forward to seeing what other tricks she has up her white sleeves.

Oh no, I need to escape the unbearable heat of this summer! Chi-soo’s father’s company is planning to redevelop the area in which the ramen shop is located, and Chi-soo’s father tries to use the possible destruction of the ramen shop as leverage to keep Eun-bi and Chi-soo apart. He caught on several small clues meanwhile the dense uncle is stuck being the aloof leading man. Uncle may be on the run from yakuza since he was allegedly on a business trip in Japan the day of the bus crash.