Thank you for dropping by. San Tak said that it seems to be like one. Now they have awaited the right moment for Bi Dam to lean on in support is not towards Queen Seon Deok but them. They say BiDam did indicate that he had aligned his interest with theirs but if he has other plans Indeed, your skills have not rusted. The colleagues said that Yu Cheok is not any of them.

In the end, it comes down to a matter of succession. Lord Sueulbu concurs that the garrison in charge of security for the shelter residence is also making their way to Seorabeol. YeomJong’s men attack BiDam, and are crushed. BiDam has not involved in this incident. Deok Man looks at the white dressed lady. DeokMan says if there is even a single witness, they will all be punished so they will not stand still.

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Al Cheon has got the permission from Queen Seon Deok who cordially gave her consent for Al Cheon to expedite that attacks.

Why did you not order his arrest? Thank you and credits to cute girl: Bi Dam asked what kite. YuShin orders all army troops remaining in Serabol to report to the palace. The household guards said that Bi Dam has come to Jowon jeon seeking audience with the Tang emissary. But he should seek when he is at rest, not when he is fighting. Yeom Jong then tell them that the matter is how can they force Bi Dam to abide to their interest. He has the most to lose should the situation worsen. Bi Dam order the hour of Sul, discreetly gather 10 of ministry of Audit officers to form a squad.


Sweat is a good indicator that an apparent heart attack is coming since Queen Seon Deok has not exerted herself in sinopsia physical exercise. Queen Seon Deok asked what is this mysterious doctrine that stir all this commotion.

It is really a laughing stock. Drama historical drama Starring: BI Dam said that the content is written by them because they feel threaten.

Bi Dam relaxed his grip on Yeom Jong.

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Go ahead and tell her majesty that. MiSaeng says it is merely a matter of time seoon details of the secret pact between BiDam and the Tang envoys reach the queen’s ears. Deok Man looks at the white dressed lady. It is truly unfortunate for you. Mi Saeng tells that this is must be just a feign attack. Kim Chun Chu tells that he is patience has limitation. Joo bang asked where is his destination he is heading gteat. San Tak goes to see Bi Dam as he asked whether they has been contacted.


Mi Saeng said that Bi Dam must not do it. Queen Seon Deok replies if he does address her by name, it will be considered high treason, even if it is done that he does address her name out of devotion for her, the world will considered this as treason.

The Tang emissary complains to Bi Dam how dare they 660 being treat in such a disrespect manner. Guk San Heun said this is fine that they will storm in to arrest the perpetrators.

From now on, he will not forgive any plotting behind his back or any second guessing of his decisions. However, ChunChu does not let even the smallest matter pass. Al Cheon can only express grave concern. YeomJong says they had that possibility in mind when they started this. What is so frightening that we must strike down an innocent?

I shall resolve this. WordPress designed by New WordPress Themes. But for he who acts only out of love, history does not provide a place. Deos he really think DeokMan is in love with him?