If we have to go at lengths to find meaning to it, it gets a little far-fetched and becomes a guessing game for the viewer, which I don’t believe it should be. Joo Sang-wook – My golly. I think it’s the only drama where I couldn’t care less about the time jump coz it was sooo worth the wait. Ae-ra gives him a resume, declaring that she wants to work with him. He wore glasses back then! Wow, I enjoyed your thoughts as much I did this episode! Both of these episodes are great. Jung-woo is such a dork, I love it.

It’s great to see you here! Lee Min Jung definitely had a stand out performance and a big improvement over the last drama I watcher her in-Big. Argh for Seung-hyun turning to the bad side! Like you said, I can’t even feel sorry for her anymore because she’s done nothing to earn what she expects. She can remain at DonTalk and be the snake that she has always been, working for Crazy Lady. Page 1 Page 2 Next page. But I still rewatched the episodes – Cunning Single Lady was great! They didn’t grow as a couple so I wasnt totally convinced they should go back together.

Really thankful they seem to have gotten a good ending. She really has come into her as an actor.

Sly and Single Again: Episode 13 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Sing,e am pretty sure you have nothing to worry about. This was just a quality piece of work from beginning to end, in every category you can think of. You should watch Smile You wow, this was my first kdrama with 45 episodes but it was so worth it! Lots of praise for our leading man, so I will put in ad a salutation for the leading lady, Lee 116. The Guk Family-I appreciate how their story was wrapped up with the reappearance of the mother.

Now this is how you do a Rom-Com correctly!! She wasn’t a character I ever rooted for and she was honestly very forgettable. Though you might be sick playing a ceo but I bet you enjoy being a dorky ceo for once.


Cunning Single Lady

I really commended YeoJin’s ability to keep her cool when she was so obviously breaking apart inside, and when she finally did break down in the end it was believable. What kind of annoyed me was that the writers used a lot of what looked like time skips in the last two episodes to fit everything in. Thanks so much for the recap purplecow!! Imagine luring in an enemy with a free dinner and then doing a jab and run.

They look good together and i cant imagine anyone else playing AR n JW. Mia April 28, at 9: I liked this allthough I did leave for a few episodes when second-lead nastiness reared its head. Is he coming back? Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Jung-woo is working overtime at the office when Ae-ra walks in.

Tried to watch happy together where he was one of the guests and my oh my he talks a lot and i love that side of him. Get a life people. Jung-woo says he isn’t glad to see Gook Daddy in that state – he will always be his savior.

Cunning Single Lady (2014)

Manager Kam hurriedly hangs up, but Jung-woo sits down next to him epiode offers him a beer. Seriously, the crazy Kook family has ruined this show. No, but he has already developed the contingency plan for when things go inevitably wrong with the game soon. The noble idiot thwart reminded me of Master’s sun where Gong Hyo Jin’s character spills the beans while she is drunk.

Amell April 28, at Hwang Bo Ra Supporting Cast. Funniest scene of the episode and possibly of the entire drama so far. There i was lamenting about the lack of oppas on screen and next thing dramafirs know Episode 16 was a bit rushed. Their first disastrous one is put to rest and they move on.

I think the storyline you provided made more sense because we can root for her vying vramafire his love rather than watching her trying to make Jung-Woo fit into what her first husband was. Alyssa April 28, at 5: I found their characters to be very interesting and could have been so much more complex.


Thank you for the recaps, odilettante. They kiss joyfully in the yard, and we see xnd montage of the highs and lows of their second courtship.

Weird because I love Lie to Me watched it many, many isngle and the strength of the drama was pretty much the main couple! It must not be in the budget for a second guest appearance.

I’m trying so hard not to comment about the next episode! This is going on my top kdrama list. I enjoyed this light hearted drama. Ae-ra and Jung-woo both now accept each other for who they are instead of who the other thinks they should be. She is an excellent actress, and I’m glad that she was able to really show off her skill in this drama.

I really love how adorkable Jung-woo is. It was nice knowing more about them, and it’s great seeing them join JW in the end. She has her chin held high, but she can also admit and rectify her mistakes.

I love JW with her mostly because of it. They are seated together at a small table on the lawn with cake, a bottle of wine, and the model of their dream house. Why can’t these shows make everyone happy!

I’d never seen disabled representation ely kdrama that much before, so her character was quite refreshing to see. Kim Kyu Ri Main Cast. They wrote him to be more unlikable as the show went on, which disappointed me. The three best things about this drama: Petmink April 28, at This drama kept me going with its comedy.