Smallville — Season 1″. Rapidly going through a metamorphosis , Greg kidnaps Lana so he can mate with her. I dont understand this world record. Smallville Episodes ranked so far. Meanwhile, Lex double crosses Victoria, who was planning to do the same to him, and has her father’s company buy up a worthless research lab. It’s time to revisit the season’s new shows”. The child is adopted by Martha and Jonathan Kent, and named Clark. Available to Stream Watch on.

After talking with Whitney, Clark realizes where Greg has taken Lana and leaves to rescue her. The episodes were filmed primarily in Vancouver and post-production work took place in Los Angeles. The complete first season of Smallville was released on September 23, in North America. Archived from the original on September 14, Was this review helpful to you? When Clark double crosses him, Phelan frames Jonathan for murder, and forces Clark to help him steal a priceless Alexander the Great chest plate. Wikiquote has quotations related to:

The coach’s fury gets the better of him as he engulfs himself in flames while battling Clark. Smallville — Season 1″.

Amy Palmer Azura Skye is obsessed with Lex. Eric initially uses the powers for good, but soon begins abusing them. The kidnapper turns out to be a cop looking for an easy promotion.

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Archived from the original on February 10, He attempts to use Ryan’s abilities to seaso Lex’s trust fund. During a field trip to the local LuthorCorp plant, Clark and his classmates are taken hostage by Earl, who wants into “Level 3” a secret testing facility at the plant so he can find a cure for himself. Retrieved January 13, The season’s stories focus on Martha and Jonathan Kent ‘s O’Toole and Schneider attempts to help their adopted son Clark Welling cope with his alien origin and control his developing superhuman abilities.


Just as Lana is pulled into a tornado, Clark arrives and wpisode in after her.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ‘ s Rob Owen stated the series works best with its “character interaction and a nice performance by John Schneider as Pa Kent”, but that the show needs more than seasin “‘monster of the week’ stories seen so far”. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Retrieved July 9, After gaining control over his X-ray vision, Clark discovers that Tina Greer Lizzy Caplana young woman infected with meteor rock radiation, seawon morph into anyone she wants.

Married at First Sight 6.

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Lex Luthor Eric Johnson But Clark’s quick kinship with Kyle causes a rift between him, Lana and Whitney who both dislike the mysterious hermit. Add the first question. During a party at Crater Lake, Sean Kelvin Michael Coristine falls into the frozen lake and emerges with an insatiable hunger for heat, thanks to epjsode meteor rocks on the lake bottom. Audible Download Audio Books.

Episode budgets ultimately became strictly regulated, as the show frequently ran over budget during the first half of the season. The Kent farm is the home of the Andalini family, and their barn was used for the pilot before a new barn smalpville built.

Rapidly going through a metamorphosisGreg kidnaps Episodf so he can mate with her. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A meteor rock infused sauna endows Coach Arnold Dan Lauria with pyrokinesis.


Archived from the original on May 26, Greg Beeman assisted director Chris Long for the two “visceral visions of the future” that appeared in the episode “Hourglass”. American Society of Cinematographers. The pilot broke The WB’s viewership record for a debut series, [2] and was nominated for various awards. The Complete List 7. Retrieved July 8, After initial discussion of possible storylines, a second rule decreed that Clark could never directly kill anyone.

Before Clark can return to Lana, Whitney arrives and receives credit for her rescue.

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After setting the ground rules, Gough and Millar conceived ideas that facilitated week-to-week story development. Start your free trial. We are who we choose to be, long before we even decide, We are the ocean and the tide.

During the fight, Clark throws Sean into a lake, which immediately freezes with Sean inside.

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Apprehensive at emallville, Clark soon takes to the idea. In the original draft of “Stray”, Ryan developed his telepathic abilities from exposure to kryptonite. Lex visits Cassandra, after listening to Clark, and her vision of him entails blood raining from the sky.