Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last. I thought Yuzuki was a girl, and a hot one at that so that’s a pleasant surprise! So, like, not new , just a return to that concept. Juliansgirl Juliansgirl Topic Creator 2 years ago 10 onehotmama68 posted You can put your answer in spoilers if you want. Nyaon , Jan 13, Trio of Towns It seems.

She grew up in a comforting home, so she can be somewhat naive. I’m staying away from him that for sure. Sounds good, I hope the dialogue isn’t repetitive. Skilled at using a naginata. Trio of Towns is a fantasy farming simulation game integrated with social aspects such as friendship and marriage. He was a sickly child, so he was taken to the hot springs a lot to improve his health. Well I’m just glad I found out about ludus.

You can put your answer in spoilers if you want.

Ushi No Tane | Harvest Moon, Story of Seasons, and Legend of the River King Video Games

At the beginning of the game you will select your gender, default clothing outfit, hair and eye color, and facial style. Kitsunekos Kitsunekos 2 years ago 4 That’s how most games are that are not released in English yet.

This site is built off of personal gameplay experiences and help from the Japanese guide books. Unfortunately, your father’s job means you frequently move from town to town, never giving you a good shot at learning about ranching.

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What type of guy? All of the Famitsu scans. Share This Page Tweet.


Story Of Seasons: Cherished Friends Of Three Towns

Log foruum or Sign up. There’s a lot of information known about this game, you just have to know how to look for it.

Also people been getting confused with natsume harvest moon. I’m purposely avoiding all spoilers and most topics about the characters and ‘story’ of the game because I want to go through the game blind.

The three towns also have part-time jobs that you can receive from an agent in town. In this entry to the popular Bokujou Monogatari series, your character has a dream since childhood of managing your own farm.

The official website is now live! An unofficial guide covering Story of Seasons: The farmhouse itself can be remodeled into different exterior styles. Boards Story of Seasons: She doesn’t talk to men her age a lot, and has a if personality, but she has a side of her that has a love of horseback riding. Nyaon foruj, Jan 12, Wikipedia does hint hint.

I’m really surprise he is that type of guy. MarionMustangJan 15, June 23, February 28, October 13, seasins With his gentle and calm disposition, he has an easy-to-talk-to air about him. But Seasos doesn’t support their character set. It might be fun to marry Woofio for grins and giggles and to see what my kids would look like. She enjoys knitting and handicrafts, and even at her current age, she likes fairy-tales.

Ushi No Tane – Harvest Moon

She took a likening to gardening thanks to her parents and has been familiar with plants since she was a child. FiveleafcloverFeb 25, Looking for Poison Mushroom. I remember it as being just ANB with a new coat of paint Which seems to be the case for this game as well, which is why I’m not really interested in it pepsi for tv-game.


I would say it’s because Story of Seasons was doing more new things with the formula that were fun to talk about, Did it really?

Your goal in this video game is to convince your father that your dream is the correct career path for you to follow.

At least for me, aside from knowing what a few characters look like, I know very little else about the game. With the emphasis on character interaction it would sure be nice to have same-sex marriage options this time. I’ve been looking at the marriage candidates and I was thinking fkrum Ludus as my first choice mostly because he has purple hair my favorite color and I like his exotic look.

That’s how most games are that are not released in English yet. MarionMustangFeb 13, Juliansgirl Juliansgirl Topic Creator 2 years ago 3 Also people been getting confused with natsume harvest moon. As your family moves to the next town, you split from them and move to be near your uncle to follow your childhood dream.

Ushi No Tane xS2 | A Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns Help Guide

Trio of Towns for Nintendo 3DS. I knew what the bachelors were like and stuff. Dylas and Ludus don’t have anything in common I think. She grew up in a comforting home, so she can be somewhat naive.