Yaozu decides to invest in Youting’s business and Shanmei don’t approve. Deep inside, he feels terrible but he puts on a brave smile everyday just so he doesn’t lose the respect of his family. CS1 Chinese-language sources zh Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references. Yaozong got amnesia as a result of his wish and his memory was limited to that of below 10 years old. Xiaomin Julie Tan meets with a car accident and loses both legs. Yaozong and Youting beats Junhao in anger, Xiaomin is so sad that she faints. Zhao Yaozong Thomas Ong is a middle-aged man who is an assistant horse trainer.

The show topped the viewership charts of MediaCorp Channel 8 dramas for , [3] [4] with an average viewership of 1. Drama Family Fantasy Mystery. Not just an ordinary family drama”. Archived from the original on 14 November The drama revolve around rice and make up of a short story in every episode Winnie is pregnant and this make her father angry.

She encourages him to believe in his own ability and not simply rely on the wishing coins. He loved horses since he was a kid and trained hard through the years to realise his dream of becoming a champion horse trainer. Yaozong was afraid of inviting trouble and slogged his guts out but still didn’t meet the expectations of his boss.

Anna kidnaps Chenglong and Yaozong asks Shanmei to use the coin to save him. He quietly sneak into Yaozong’s room and tried to steal the wishing coins. Assoc Prof Tan Sri wrote: The drama began production in June and made its debut on 27 October Yaozong emdiacorp that life has changed for the better, until he finds out that his wife, Zeng Shanmei Huang Birenhas contracted a terminal there.

Yaozong misunderstands and confronts Huijing. But the old woman says that once the wishes are given out, there is no way to return them.

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Shanmei encourages Yaozong to make a wish with the coin and a miracle happens. The thief meets with an accident while escaping and the lottery ticket returns back to Yaozong. Chaihua is very capable and manages the household chores very well.


Chenglong scores high marks in his examinations and Shanmei suspects that he made a wish. The greater his wish, the greater the price he will have to pay. She tells him that the wizhes 3 were given without asking for anything in return. Still got julie tan song.

Thtee Little Wishes Fire Up. Yaozong messes up Youting and Winnie’s affairs and just when he is feeling down, he meets the old woman again.

Enlai wants to force Yaozong to resign. Everyone knows that this is the price to pay for a wish and Shanmei reveals the secret of the last wish. Anna fakes prengnancy and invites Yaozong’s mother to move in with them. The eldest son, Zhao Youting Shane Powis working as a gym instructor after his graduation. Three Wishes is among the top 3 most watched dramas this year to date, including C. Yaozu decide to stop selling the product as it has been block by the custom.

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wihes Youting wanders outside but finally returns home to beg for forgiveness as he feels guilty. After successfully getting the coins, he is knocked out by Xiaomin and she takes the coins away. Yaozong got amnesia as a result of his wish and his memory was limited to that of below 10 years old. Used the fourth wishing coin to ensure a windfall.

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He starts to grow in confidence. The fantasy drama series revolves around a man facing mid-life crisis and how humans will sacrifice their families due of greed. Youting meets with some issues with his supplement business and might get sued. No matter who uses the last wiahes coin, the price is Yaozong’s death and the last wishing coin is nowhere to be found.

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She says they can make his wishes come true. Views Read Edit View history. She knew she had this illness all along but did not want him to worry. This serial marked the return of acclaimed veteran actress Huang Birenwho was last seen in Mars vs Venus in[1] the fifth Wawa production featuring Thomas Ongand Apple Hong ‘s drama series after Joys of Life in Because of this, he mddiacorp the time spent with his family and wishes to leave behind good memories during his last days.


Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information. Shanmei is worried that if she passes away mediacop to her sickness, her children would not be independent enough to support themselves. What will his predicament be? He tells her all about the 3 wishes and the mysterious old woman. Younger version played by Ivan Lo. As things do not go well at work, his wife, Shan Mei Huang Biren and three children are always worried about him.

He prepares himself and waits for a tragedy to happen to him. The duo wishes to be the richest person in the world and starts to buy large volumes of stocks and mortgages the house. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

Yaozong’s horse, Power Boy, loses control while filming a program but this surprisingly makes Yaozong a horse trainer hero, allowing him to keep his job which he almost lost. It appears that she is the next victim of the Granny as she was given three wishing coins by the Granny, leaving the show in a cliffhanger.

Retrieved from ” https: Yaozu stop selling health product as it is harmful. All pages needing factual verification Wikipedia articles needing factual verification from January CS1 Chinese-language sources zh EngvarB from January Use dmy dates from January Pages using infobox television with alias parameters.

Deep inside, he feels terrible but he puts on a brave smile everyday just so he doesn’t lose the respect of his family.

Dast wants to give him 3 wishes for him to fulfil what his heart desires.