You guys are doing marvelous job on subbing SB.. Posted February 13, Dancing gwiyomi player, Eric’s version Credit: Didnt know u already uploaded here. Vote no matter how many times you can, SC it, then send them an email.. They need approximately a month to finish all the preparation. Episode with SNSD is out subbed! I got it from shinhwa company web..

You are commenting using your WordPress. It is okay if you share them between one another, but do not openly post them on blogs, etc. I read the thing but English is not my first language so it is hard to understand. I was wandering is there no one subbing shinbang anymore? Second, can you give me the link of episode 43 and 44 full eng sub? I know but i dont keep links..

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Just go to hell if you will be shinnhwa on some episodes of ShinBang. I hope that even without SFsubs videos, you can still help us watch and enjoy ShinBang episodes with subs….

Ep 43 already in ShinhwaForeverSF. Not sure if the yellow coat is Junjin or not Credit: I notice Andy got lesser and lesser air time. It was hilarious no doubt because of Jinnie and Wannie, but the centering around Yoona is just a little By firstnadya Started July 7, By angelangie Started May 28, Carmendove And there’s the couples Credit: All the influx of guests is inevitable as the show is getting bigger, especially idol siwtar.


SFSubs just said that they are on hiatus as of today. Second, can you give me the link of episode 43 and 44 full eng satch I might have to skip those idol episodes from now on…. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Please stop the hate towards snsd.

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broadcadt SB ep 41 is already in Shinhwa Forever tumblr. Reblogged this on Minho’s Julliete Blog. October 7, February 16, I posted the link already few days ago. Even you, PD-nim, admit that with Shinhwa members only on the show is more fun and interesting. Eric’s cheers for Hyoyeon: I also find it more enjoyable when the members are alone with no guest , not to mention that the previous format of tutoring was very interesting why did they change it?

Hi, thank you for always providing the latest information about shinhwa broadcast.

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I never think that I will have the same opinion with you all: I was wandering is there no one subbing shinbang anymore? Thank you so much!! I miss the old shinbang. Its pretty sad that they pranked the guest instead of focus to Shinhwa.


How can I proof that I have voted? Everyone help me plisss… May I have the link for Shinhwa Broadcast ep 46 full version qatch english subb?? Junjin and Hyorin were hilarious, Jinnie just didn’t care haha.

Now where do you wanna take ShinBang to? I could only feel Shinhwa as guests in those eps.

SB 31 consists of 5 parts. Mimeby Shinhwa Forever full Ep. Just like how my sisters are close to me but they can be very rude sometimes it is Still NOT acceptable no sista how close we are.

I just have to let it out. I have been waiting for this show for years because Shinhwa has always wanted to have their own show.