Out of the loop and I thought until now that she is a Youkai.. Don’t know why they didn’t do this sooner, because of that it seems this is getting underrated. Don’t even thought how attractive the nurse and how sexy Hime can be in swimsuit lol And the 9-year old again girl for ward officer? It amuses how the dramatic moment was solved by having someone casually cut the threat away. The time has come to experience a reboot of anime that aired a few years ago? However, Zakuro, an old acquaintance of hers appears at the city with the intention of taking Rin away and the members of the Hiizumi Life Counseling Office make a stand to protect their friend. Ryo-timo ep 11 In-Between Animation:

Naomi Shindoh as Wife ep 9. During the training, Hime pierces Kotoha’s airplane ticket to Germany with her spear. He can do so many different kinds of things, from backgrounds to effects, from quiet character moments to frenetic action. When Akina searches for headphones for Hime, he finds a monkey statue that he won in a yakisoba -eating contest with Gin and Hime. As Juri reminisces about when she moved to Sakurashin, she is unaware that her younger sister is the next of Enjin’s youkai hunters who are preparing to attack the city. Natsuko Kuwatani as Yae Shinatsuhiko. The withholding of information from her that happened at the end didn’t make sense to me, though, since she is the mayor.

I really liked all of the scenery during the second half of the episode. Hime and her friends confront an elusive man to rescue Kohime but the situation becomes drastic when they fall under the influence of a barrier that weakens their youkai powers. They are directed by Kou Matsuo and produced by the animation studio Nomad.

Kotoha and Ao begin to fight Shinozuka, who manages to dodge all of Kotoha’s attacks. Ai Kayano as Lily eps Little Ghost ep 9. I know they probably want to flesh out the main plot the original covered, but I’m hoping that main plot can be resolved earlier in the series so we yozakua spend a few episodes seeing what happens after. Yuka Inokuchi as Hina Tatebayashi.


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I should of saw this coming with the fun in this show. She has such a sexy voice goddamn Really love this show though. The pattern of his line dkscussion can be really unique and interesting, and despite its surrealism and roughness, it depicts forms and how they move very realistically.

I’m only commenting because of that boob lick we got of ao. Edit Anime Information What would you like to edit? Interesting ep, the 7 trees is the vassel to the other realm so its a sign tht proof the other side is ok?

This feels so generic shounen-y that I was really bored for a big part of the episode Enjin disappears and Ao relates the incident to Akina, who asks him to keep yozakurs a secret. Manga Has ‘Important Announcement’ on March 4 Golden Wind 19 Kaguya-sama: Hime meets with the Senior Council, and discovers that one of its members is severely injured, as all of the members of the Senior Council are linked to yozakuraa Seven Pillars.

If i’m not mistaken the entire series was produced digitally, which is really impressive to say the least. However, the man reveals himself to be Enjin Hiizumi, a foe far more dangerous than they believed. F, V Juli Supporting.

P It looks like there is going to be a battle. Episode 2 The Mayor still has to go to High School. Wonder what that thing is at the door. Akina is my best guy!

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She gets taller, she gets older, and of obviously she gains breasts. Cosmo Arts Kusanagi Nam Hai. However, the fanservice might be a bit much for some people since I don’t think this is an ecchi.

It’s interesting to see web-generation animators bringing in unique contributions. Ryo-timo ep 11 In-Between Animation: Aoi is quite the adorable one. With the members of the Duscussion Life Nl Office away for a trip, its up to the local police to protect a pair of siblings from a werewolf who comes after their lives, intending to sacrifice them in an attempt to obtain immortality.


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Users browsing this forum: Enjin demands that Akina open the entrance to the shrine, and Hime attacks him. Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded. Interesting that pool scen- I mean, the story about the trees. Jin Aketagawa Cgi Director: So MAL finally starts locking news threads that are only a few weeks old? When Ao reads the mind of Junta, a reclusive child, she accidentally reveals a promise he made with his missing father, and Junta runs away.

Kohime Sakurano, a cousin of Hime, intends to run for mayor in a neighboring town and the current mayor Morino comes with an underhanded hanz to prevent it. Can’t wait for next episode. noo

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Kenji Hamada as Shidare Morioka eps 2, 8, The second half of the episode was interesting, I like learning about how the Seven Pillars came to be as well as the history of the Hiizumi clan. A lot of these guys worked together and formed the visual style of other shows like Noein and Birdy. Mina and Kana are not just Vampires.

Ranked Popularity Members 86, Hana No Uta Discuss anime, non-Japanese animation, indie animation, animators, or just introduce yourself. Right now, I feel like complaining to Einstein. Suzuhito Yasuda ep 1 Theme Song Performance: It amuses how the dramatic moment was solved by having someone casually cut the threat away. Curious as to what the mysterious “substance” waits the girls outside of the front door Touka, we can depend on her for punchlines! Two pieces of theme music are used for the episodes: Preview Manga Manga Store.

Yuuki Quxrtet as Akina Hiizumi.