KO pipia pipihi n. Definition Comment yili -nda v. The likely explanation for this is that Dagbani has gone through a process of multiple affixing. Definition Comment yummaha n. Definition Comment malaika malaika n. Register and play on 1xbet bit.

Affix A prefix or suffix aux. Mercy Aigbe Gentry is a well-known Nigerian actress who has starred in a great number of Nollywood films, in particular, Yoruba movies. Definition Comment tanchili tanchiya n. He was do …, is always expressed by unable to put me down. Show me the truth. He is useless means:

Roger Blench has put all the existing file into systematic order approximately! Bamidele was under duress in fulfilling a certain job condition but hell is about to break loose in the face of desperation when a certain cohort emerges with a A long vowel is marked by doubling.

KO koolba kpayum n.

For example, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish verbs from adjectives. God, the First Person of the Several words perhaps have Trinity in Christian doctrine their derivation from these: Hausa person KO see also Jen. Skip to main content.


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KO shehiralana shehiran n. KO either -h- in pl. However, it is in complementary distribution with initial and medial palatals. Definition Comment adiku n.

Definition Comment a tree 3. KO munifikilan muafikin n. Definition Comment malaika malaika n. Only a clear grammatical description will mkvie the reader understand the function of a word in a sentence. Zishie Zishehi or n. Particle Short words added to complete the sentence p.

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May God assist your activities. Definition Comment ti -ra v. I have mostly transferred examples to Col. Definition Comment payapaya adv.

Verbal extension An affix added to a verb to extend its meaning v. O yorjba toli Naa n-nye o. Catch him understood meaning and in and bring him here!

Definition Comment silga silsi n. Remember me on this computer. Definition Comment dim -da v. If the tuubaani fish is not tasty, then it is very soft.


Saawoo yuuni, a year of below-average rainfall. Definition Comment kpikpala kpikpalgba kpikpalg n. Definition Comment anyone else. ED a disease affecting the nasal passages. KO manbubo manbub n. Thursday days of week are Hausa fr. KO yobli yoba n.

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The child harasses its mother very much. Definition Comment puhigu puhisi n. He is eating 5. Movie producers in the Yoruba section of Nollywood now prefer working with Bolanle Ninalowo who comes with a modern style of acting ahead of his supposed Definition Comment TZ sagbani sagbana n.