Chan I sowwwwwwy I calle you messy not really But I didn’t know about the accident, glad you are ok, sorry no one is out there with you. Man that’s some good tv. Mama don’t signs up for no drama Long as I been a resident on Sell-a-butt island I an eem pressed Bishes hidin in my bushes, playin on my phone, bustin my windows and shyt? Little kids playing football meh Yes, I get that ppl are upset about the 2 popular “Black” shows feature adulterers, but hey– it’s real life for some folks. Last night’s episode was so boring. Chan hey boo…you need a back rub? A french connection with 3 straws.

You ain’t that banged up! And Omari’s sexy as hell. Read last week the ratings dropped significantly. I thought they were sleeping. Mara Akil, the creator’s, banking on its success based on sex scenes and GU’s name. DL was in awe of him, and bought them a drink. Speaking of Dallas what the heck is going on with them…..

So did anyone watch Daddy’s LIttle Girls last night? Glad to see your font!

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I can’t with this show. Chan I sowwwwwwy I calle you messy not really But I didn’t know eppisode the accident, glad you are ok, sorry no one is out there with you. So I’d go sit it out for janee, catch my breath and my senses and come back with a renewed sense of take-no-bullshyt-here. Revenge has become very soap opera-ish!! Man that’s some good tv. It didn’t look like it at first because there was no movement.


KK76 when I seen him a few years back the guy that opened for him was hilarious!!!

Check out the latest and hottest sseason stories in popular culture. I went to see DL Hughley on Sunday night. From executive producers Lena Waithe and Halle Berry, Boomerang follows childhood friends Simone Graham and Bryson Broyer as they step out of their powerful parents’ shadows and try to make their mark in business and with each other.

She is actually seasonn. The scene with her giving dude head was to much. This season has bored me.

Care- low to no carbs we are tweaking it for the sake of my body needs and metabolism being extremely different from his high protein and of course your greeny green veggies. Dayum Jne is actually good now.

Jen no you KNOW damn well. But she has flaws that the average viewer can relate to.

In Case You Missed It: Being Mary Jane, Episode 4

I have removed this shyt form my dvr line up. Hello all I like this rpisode. I tried two weeks in a row and just can’t. BET gives you a front-row ticket to high-profile concerts, sporting events and the world of entertainment.


Eye of Heart says: Dem Babies Mama Bombshell Esq says: Aftershow Kara finally gets her big break.

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 4 – DDotOmen

Take a trip down memory with some of the most iconic music, films, fashion and more that helped move theculture. Both male and female viewers are drawn to Ddotomenn strong portrayal of news anchor Mary Jane Paul, who seems to have it all. But that Revenge show that’s my show right there. Are you already done with the job fair?

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You best believe BET knows not to move this show to Thursday or even Wednesday because network tv has plenty of good shows on these nights that others will watch instead. I ain’t never been that sprung off NO dack, specially not someone else husband.

Then the scene where he was eating her out was to much! Mary Jane and Olivia Pope are kindred spirits in whoredom. And Omari’s sexy as hell.