I really appreciate that you’re commenting! And, I don’t understand why some even doubted about this ending, it was clear he survived: The ending in the church got me teary! There are happy moments in the manga, but even such moments are tainted with sadness. First, I don’t like how Kou’s end wasn’t fully elaborated did he ever wake up, if not – how long did he remain brain dead before passing away? If he had died, it would have been a completely straight line. I thought they were slowly fading away. But I felt the ending could have been written better.

Thank you for the heads-up. I’m still not sure if the male at the end is Takuma. I can’t see the happy ending. What it DID show was his heart beginning to beat normally again, illustrated by the steady wavelengths on the ECG monitor plus a heart rate of 83, showing his heart had recovered. Normally, almost all of the time for any sort of drama, anime, manga, story with an ill character and an ambiguous ending, I think they died. The tiny girl is so good! Southeast Asia Pte Ltd.

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I was hoping there’d be an extra about him. I had doubt, about him surviving, looking into ECG, so i had to read last chapter a few times, to clear it. Later in life, Takuma becomes aware that he wont be able to keep this promise and he begins distancing himself from Mayu in hopes of protecting her. What a nice heartwarming conclusion. Boku no Htsukoi wo Kimi ni Sa He decided to attend an elite high school, which Takuma thinks that Mayu cannot go into.


Posted by Hira Mushtaq at 7: Overall yeah the manga did go on a boy, but I still found it enjoyable. My favorite quotes from animes: I liked his girlfriend a lot too. The whole 12 volumes are available at Michex forum http: Mayu then meets Kou, who likes her and asked her to be his girlfriend.

I think he’s alive. In his sleep, Takuma prayed that he could have just a short time more to live, and he got a miraculous recovery, and surprised Mayu.

As a child Takuma is diagnosed with a heart condition that requires care from a cardiologist. I too am happy that this is the case.

Anonymous February 27, at 6: It made me appreciate my life and to thank God that I was born healthy and that I should do whatever I can because I’m lucky enough to have the ability to.

Boku no hatsukoi o kimi ni sasagu sad ending & happy ending?

One day, Takuma and Mayu overhear that Takuma will not live past kkimi age of 20 due to his condition. I finished the movie. Because Onemanga seems to have stopped uploading them. He looks like Takuma, right?!


Is it already out?

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It kind of said that he wishes her to fulfill the dream of their first love. There were really heartbreaking moments that were ruined by the overuse of chibis.

It’s probably a dream or fantasy-like text interpretation. I’m still not sure if the male at the end is Takuma. But I’m still glad he lived so I’m ambiguous on whether I like the ending or not.

[hardsubs] Boku no hatsukoi wo kimi ni sasagu (Movie) – learning to breathe

I didn’t mind the tears and crying because, hello, the person you love is dying. The ending is so cute!!!

CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Use dmy dates from July Articles containing Japanese-language text Articles containing Chinese-language text Articles containing Korean-language text Articles containing Thai-language text Articles with Japanese-language external links. Oh dear, I didn’t realise it was a happy ending.

I think he ending was ambiguous in some ways but definitely not It’s an open ending to me. But he’s so sweet!