I think it will do him good to see what life is really like for people. I would hate it. In Hwa and Se Kyung are both the same. Not to be confused with penthouses. It is now colored with her greed and motivations to marry rich and be a Cheongdam dong wife. This is the most intelligent question a person can ask. I am desperate enough to quit this job. Seung Jo admits that he is…..

I thought one week was long to wait for a new episode but two? Everyone have insightful comments, I’m really enjoying it! Ah, the pining heart of love! Why choose to continue down what I see as an unnecessary path? Thanks for this explanation. Report back to joonni…lol!

Who dramacraay the voice of reason on this show? I really hope so, but He’s just not expected to perform under the sheets like the women are.

Cham Bok Goh Chu Jin Mo — the head of the publishing company that owns all of the information about politics, economy and show business in South Korea.

It’s also sad dramacarzy, unlike Se Kyung, no rich kind awesome man is coming to save us. I thought the same about YJ not wanting to hurt SJ and therefore leaving. Ah-jung freaks out and hurriedly calls the sauna to contact Se-kyung. Same here, I think that she can master it all, I really think that she has it in her.

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Oh, thanks for letting me know of these other sites, I am so new to Kdramas that I had no idea, I will run over there and join in the fun I better not break a leg while running: So like the many lead guys we saw already in kdramas, she also doesn’t believe in love anymore like she did, and is turning cold and selfish like many male leads did in kdramas already.

I am never leaving my hometown again: Seung Jo is welcomed as the President to the party and Se Kyung hears this confirmation of his identity. Secretary Moon gets annoys and yells at him to be serious and live his life! She is going to have to do something incredibly selfless in the end for me to see her as a heroine again.


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What is she trying to pull off- is it that she wlice to prove the point that she became more successful due to cheating her way into success? All he does is shop until his grandmother falls seriously ill. Se-kyung composes a letter to Jean Thierry Cha, and gives it to Ah-jung for a read-through. Lee Young is the Crown Prince of Joseon Dynasty who likes to break away from his routine life in the palace.

Seung-jo gives him a tip on how to apologize properly: While a life as a loner geek has its negative sides and I’d love to get out of it somedayit does give you the ability to really think life and see it. Then decides to rein her back in. Yoon Joo looks at her and says Se Kyung is so similar to her.

Sorry, this content is not available in your region. It’s my first time watching MGY and for me, she’s okay. And as real as Se Kyung is, should we see her as a villain in her own story? It’s been a long time since I was last so invested in a drama.

Drmaacrazy no surprise that she panicked, right?

I wonder how far she is willing to take it even though she is beginning to feel plagued by guilt. Same goes with other people, if we are watching the character and try to understand the character well by imaging ourselves in that situation, we will become more understanding with the character well. I love Park Shi Cheongxamdong and his character here.

In a way, i agreed with HSK. Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: Thanx koala unni for this! After returning to Korea, he loses his memory due to an accident. Thx, cap koala for this recap! If she can dodge the bullet of the bratty princess too, then she will become 1 of my favorite anti heroines.


I also really liked that he episoxe a girl-friday. Now psyched, Seung-jo goes into his quiet space, takes a deep breath, and epsiode into the smooth Jean Thierry Cha.

You are correct, and I would make a lousy screenwriter by insisting on reality. Oh what a tangled web they weave. Although I still like this ep, I feel like SK weeped too much…and the story dragging for most of it until the ending when the truth is revealed…. About your latest comment: And although I never really cared for Yoon-joo in the beginning, seeing her become so tormented by what is happening around her, the foundation that she has built for herself crumbling before her eyes without having enough power to control it, is almost heartbreaking, despite the fact that she brought it on herself by being manipulative in the first place.

What should rdamacrazy do? The pay off for this is something I can’t wait for and the shit hitting the fan is something I want to come just so I can hurry up and deal with the pain.

But there is no place for half-truths in kdrama land. Se Kyung cries and cries as she reads out loud what she is writing.

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You accept it and learn to hate yourself. And all those high fives are just an excuse for skinship. Tommy hong — you were on the poop list before and you are even more on the poop list after the phone theft and invasion of privacy thing.

And instead of just anger and feeling hurt, he will come to understand her and her reasons for choosing to change for the worse.