The Bunker is divided in three major sections: You will spend more than 2 hours at a time in the bunker. Rebreathers – Standard rebreathers, like the ones found in the Geonosian cave. Each is equipped to craft specific items and can only be opened by a specific Trader profession that is equipped to craft specific items. Check your group and find out its strengths and weaknesses. Chimaera Reply 1 of Viewed times. Data Storage Devices – Fun little ‘broken data pads’, basically.

Remind them of the “DWB Rules”. As a Master in all of the entertainer professions, what is buff storing? Unpack a lot of area stimpacks, and throw them like you were throwing candy at kids in a kindergarden. Subscribe to this message’s RSS Feed. However, there are reports of these schematics being looted out of the chests inside the dungeon on Live. I know that I will not be getting everything that the bunker has to offer in this guide, due to the fact that not many people have made it all the way through successfully. Community Forum Software by IP. It is rumored that the 5th part is a reward of completing the imperial or rebel mission.

Death Watch Bunker: Misc

Below is a partial list of items that may be found in the bunker:. MT is required to craft the following Mandalorian Armor Parts: I suggest if you intend to lead a group you print out both the map and this guide for quick reference. Hope more guilds will attempt to try out the Death Watch Bunker with the help from this guide.

Several functions may not work. Starsider Reply 10 of Viewed times. It will be needed until the leader s can coordinate everything within the bunker by memory. Be a bit more careful when around Humanoids and normal Battle Droids. Reply 8 of Viewed times.


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That means up close and personal. It can bug the mission. Both NPCs and objects such as chests and bins may be looted. Once you have the key, hurry to the terminal, unlock the door and move out of the room. If a Jedi has the ability to heal Mindwounds, this will also be of great help to your CM. This is the hardest of the Key-spawns.

You have already unlocked all the doors, so you just need to move to Mappoint 6, using the shortest way possible and back again. Make sure you add anything you know by clicking on the “Discuss” link at the bottom of the article. It is unclear at this time if the weapon has already been ‘balanced’ ahead of time it was scheduled to start dropping again in Publish 10or if the schematic dropping is intended or not.

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Move your team towards Mappoint After a few seconds, the crafting is complete, and the gkide is placed in your inventory. But only the ones on your floor will actually attack you. Our group was basically failsave due to the CM. Well, First things First.

Once your team is formed up, head out to the Bunker itself. Tanks should further more bring an extra set of armor.

Chestplate, Biceps and Boots. None what so ever. Thought I’d forgotten you? You will have to wait few seconds then a pop up window will ask you to continue the process…click it and wait again until a pop up window says that the Crafting process is Complete.


The main issue you will have is your Forcebar. From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

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Entering the Mine level will allow you to access the Forge rooms and begin the Foreman Quest. Reply 7 of Viewed times. And we were out with a Helmet in our inventory within 1 hour.

Access the terminal and select Continue once more. Always be ready to mindheal a team member if they take a mindhit.

You need to get to Sw 9. At this point run through the rules of the raid and ensure everyone knows whats happening. Try to stay meters away from the mob you are fighting, as all area attacks by enemies have a 6 meter range.

Suggestions are of course welcome. All the stuff you ever wanted to know about DWB!!! As of chapter 5, traders have combat skills, so are agroed by all “red” NPCs, therefor a crafter will not be able gukde solo the bunker.

Since I am Imperial, I have no clue where to start the Rebel quest, but I know that the person you need to talk to inside the bunker to complete it, is at Mappoint