Discovering a chicken dispenser trick from Baj Finding generikb’s RV while continuing to excavate his base Building the second ring and starting the third Enchanting and repairing at the Ender Ender Discussing anvils and game balance. Explicit Episode 12 – Millbee Explicit Episode with Aureylian. Episode with Aureylian. Explicit Episode with KurtJMac. Finding the repaired sword BdoubleO left and showing his planted Nether track Penning a zombie to keep as a pet. Episode with AnderZEL. Sky Shrooms Part 1 “.

Explicit Episode 24 – With Guest Etho. Hunting Zisteau in the Death Games Explaining the boundary concept for the PVP map Showing modifications to the worker shack Searching for cracked and mossy stone brick in the decimated stronghold. Description The Mindcrack Podcast is a discussion between members of the MindCrack server covering a wide variety of topics. Episode – Thanksgiving Podcast. Episode with Sigils. Explicit Episode with Nebris.

Episode 90 – Release day. Hot Sand [30] Episode See B Team Trial. Explicit Episode 47 – Guest Generikb.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 165: Season 5 Begins!

Building an underwater village near Beef’s jungle. Explicit Episode 5 – Guest Zisteau. Explicit Episode with Michael from Gamewisp.

Explicit Episode 87 – Guest Lt. Tunnel To New Lands”. Explicit Episode 76 with Millbee. Explicit Episode 12 – Millbee King of the Ladder”. Episode with Anderz and Kurt. The Mindcrack Podcast is a discussion between members of the MindCrack server covering a wide variety of topics.


Explicit Episode with Zisteau. Etho and SethBling showing BdoubleO’s new building prank house in the Town Hall Etho digging dirt in a time-lapse to make a certain height to flood his unnamed mountain base Gave a short tour after the water had been placed Revealed that Baj and Mlndcrack set up in the Red Portal room and his pathway leads straight to mndcrack Nether-End portal. Showing quirky portal connections Traveling to find new biomes and wtho. Trading gold and rails for diamonds Mentioning that he put ice under the paths in Spawn village Finding BTC has made Charlottes and her web around his pet store Burning Charlotte and talking about reading Riding Wilbur the pig Showing the progress in his mob farm Discussing a game for Guudeland.

Montage of clips from episodes on the MindCrack server. Explicit Episode with Pakratt and Jsano.

Episode 99 with SethBling. Views Read Edit View history. Episode 88 – Doc as temporary Pyro impersonator. Dtho OCD Zisteauhttps: Episode with Pryo. In the same episode, to label the island, Etho places a sign on the Harvest Clay, reading “Welcome To: Did you ever want to know the definition of the word “cunted? Explicit Episode 45 – Guest Pause. Episode with Nebris and Vechs. Trading with Beef Working on the track and jumping test area at the racetrack Instituting a method for server wide episose games.


Explicit Episode 67 with KurtJMac. Inspecting Vintage Beef’s castle and finding mushroom mold Discussing his new build Making improvements to the slime farm Addressing Zisteau’s montage battle.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode Season 5 Begins! – Vloggest

Episode with Avidya and JustVan. Fighting the Wither in his jungle base with BdoubleO and generikb Fighting Wither Skeletons on his skeleton spawning pad in the Nether Fighting the Wither by himself on a desert island and making a beacon Discovering colored panels on the walls of his base left by Nebris.

Episode with Mhykol. 1555

Explicit Episode 45 – Guest Pause. Explicit Episode with Coestar. Explicit Episode Mindcrack Marathon.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode 151: Custom Tree

Explicit Episode 99 with SethBling. Listeners also subscribed to. Horticulturist ended in [2]. Episode with Lorgon Retrieved from ” http: