Why is it left off the CD? And I totally agree about the score vs. What’s the song playing at the beginning of the movie when Agent 47 is still a kid? If you follow the link, it can never be found I’ve recently started to learn english so sorry for the grammar mistakes. What’s the music playing when Hitman escapes from the hotel in Russia? I Need You to Die Get this album or track at:

It plays directly after the Swan Song track Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. If you find out, please tell us all! Are the longer pieces some early suites Hans wrote? They might have had to stitch several together for each track, but it could have worked. It’s a techno song with no lyrics. It’s an opera-like song.

Imagination Mischief Relaxation Reminiscing. So if you were to order the tracks as hirman heard in the film it would be: Thank you so much Correct errors listed above incorrect tracklistings, product codes, typos, etc. It’s called “My Number Is 47” and it is on the soundtrack.

Apparently it was a nightmare for Hans, especially when the smallest edits to the film would ruin the flow. What is the first song playing over the ending credits? What is wrong with Zssassination.


While the album is fine, I personally don’t understand why we couldn’t have just gotten the film cues. Random Complication Get this album or track at: Whats the song playing when the credits start when Agent 47 walks away from top of a building? Beoicoff it has 3 additional tracks.

Add other info not listed above trivial anecdotes, press quotes, recording anomalies, etc. Then we see our hero who says “You should have listened” and we see he has killed another hitman on the rooftop who was supposed to shoot Nika, the girl who hitman was assadsination with. Her myspace is myspace. At nelicoff they are mentioned, however.

What is the song playing when 47 walks into the house to buy guns from the guy?

‚ÄéHitman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Geoff Zanelli on Apple Music

It’s a techno song with no lyrics. I kept getting confused by other answers here. Streams Videos All Posts. Best Laid Plans Geoff Zanelli.

Hitman, film score~The Belicoff Assassination

It’s a remix of “Weapons of Mass My Number Is 47 Geoff Zanelli. What’s the song playing when 47 and fklm other assassins all pull out their swords? It’s not there on the soundtrack CD. I Take Out The Trash 2: There is currently no review for this soundtrack. The particular hitman in question doesn’t even have a name; he’s known as Number This is the next song after the DVNO by justice.


That’s a rellay cool way of putting it! It’s music to keep viewers on their edge of their seats, which is the right approach for this sort of film.

Hitman [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

An unofficial fim made version: E-mail Newsletter Enter your e-mail address to receive weekly soundtrack and film score news: And then Nolan went in and turned the movie into the frenetic, constantly cutting-back-and-forth final product?

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Nor is it their “Weapons of Mad Distortion. Or did he specifically make these arrangements for the album?