Won’t call the second manifestation of Himegami announcing her reappearance can destroy the world as filler though. Somehow I can’t bring myself to drop this despite how disconnected I feel and bored at times, I’m overall somehow enjoying it. The audio is great. Is there a better version already up somewhere? That voice of god is the same as the one by Himegami in an early episode though. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. I still wonder if Yukimasa is a bad guy or good one.

BBCode “Nobody knows what the future holds. I really liked it. Miyuki x Izumiko kldjfalksdfa. But i’m a biiiiiit confused. Don’t provoke others with your opinion. Will Izumiko and Miyuki work past their differences? It felt like a filler. I’ll wait for the full HD versions.

Watch and learn with anime that has Japanese Subs. Hopefully my questions are somewhat answered in the next ep.

Won’t call the second manifestation of Himegami announcing her reappearance can destroy the world as filler though. To me it felt a little bit rushed Im liking this show as well.

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On the other hand he is very nice to Izumiko because she plays rred important role Episode 3 It was an interesting episode. Because i still don’t now what exactly is going in there When he gets ‘called out’ does he have to possess someone in order to come out?

So, the three episodes we see so far are not yet the official TV debut? Love the romantic development! Anime Crazy’s version is fine! Some of xnimecrazy scenes with the rain and backgrounds were beautiful though. So what are you waiting for?

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I guess I can’t read the atmosphere well, lol. Good to see Yama no Susume all over again. Wow, there are few new characters introduced.


BBCode Modified by symbv, Apr 14, I’m actually kind of hoping it’s not this ending naimecrazy that all of the hints given thus far are red herrings I adore surprises but have a knack for predictions, go figure but even in the first episode Izumiko mentioned how she wanted short hair like her friend’s and her friend said she’d take her to a hair dresser and that didn’t happen.

I don’t remember this ever happening but this season features some series that are pre-aired on niconico. Red Data Girl destiny4ever said: The animecrxzy twin, Masumi, isn’t a girl? I really liked it. To be honest I’m rather confused. And we’re almost halfway through. Didnt Yukimasa just say that they need people in contact with gir so that the earth WON’T get rid of humanity? But the himegami says to never allow her to reed into existence again? Is there a better version already up somewhere?

Oh and damn, that teacher is getting a lot attention in this episode. Lol at the twin trap and Myuki going tsundere.

RDG: Red Data Girl Episode 5

Media New media New comments. It’s as if the show knows where it’s going and it’s taking its time revealing bits and pieces of the overarching story in a way that keeps you hooked, at least for me anyway.

Well he acts like he lives in the past Near the end, when Izumiko is possessed again, I get the feeling she’s possessed by another god, not the Himegami, since if she was possessed by the Himegami wouldn’t she be wearing the same kimono we saw last time as well as a similar voice?

It is so good seeing you posting in here. Increase your Japanese listening comprehension and understanding through anime dialogues. And he wears girl’s uniform with long hair glad that he has non-antagonist character for this season. Learn Japanese through anime.


Red Data Girl Episode 5 D I normally get my weekly anime from cyber12 and so far I only see the official version of episode I would like to see Izumiko become less passive.

I guess it did happen. Masumi was pretty awesome, I like how he kept slapping that Takayanagi guy. He was a crow god that was bounded by Izumiko and her desire to have a friend. Mobile compatible and Ipad compatible. Anime with Japanese subs on this site.

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We see she’s attracted to Miyuki, apparently I wish more series did this ’cause most romance now featured on anime seem to just automatically come into place. Nonetheless, it’s premature if I drop this by watching the first episode alone, so I guess I’ll watch the next one when it’s released.

As for the overarching plot Was that a dream? That Miyuki blush near the end. I guess this flaw is what’s preventing me from thinking that this show could be something truly great, but I still enjoy it very much nonetheless.

Damn he’s back and a teacher at their school.

To mark her determination to follow through on this transformation, Izumiko begins by cutting her bangs, which shocks both her classmates and protectors. Multiple time bitch slapping eh?